open world

  1. Armenius

    Dune: Awakening

    An open-world survival MMO set on Arrakis from Funcom.
  2. AlphaAtlas

    EA Allegedly Cancels Open World Star Wars Game

    Citing "three people familiar with the matter," Kotaku claims that a long running Star Was project under development in EA's Vancouver office has been canceled. This "open world" Star Wars game allegedly inherited some art assets from Visceral Games' Uncharted-like Star Wars game, which itself...
  3. cageymaru

    Warframe Expansion Fortuna Is Coming to PC This Week

    Digital Extremes has announced that the Fortuna open world expansion for Warframe is coming to PC this week. Some of the new features in the expansion include hoverboards as a mode of transportation, new guns, pets, mining, fishing, new areas and faction facilities, all new enemy units, base...
  4. M

    F2P Game Warframe is Getting Open World Update

    Released 4 years ago, the free-to-play third-person shooter Warframe is getting a sizeable update called Plains of Eidolon. PC Gamer has details and an interview with the developer Digital Extremes. Instead of the normal procedurally generated zones, the team has hand-crafted an open world area...
  5. M

    Outcast Returns With Second Contact

    Welcome back to Adelpha. French game company, Bigben Interactive has announced the release date and more info for their Outcast Remake. Originally released in 1999, the cult classic ran on its very own ray casting engine, so not quite running off voxels. Although it was a commercial failure, a...
  6. audio-

    The Elder Scrolls VI - Argonia(?)

    So, it's time to document the rumours and hearsay surrounding the next in this Epic Series of Games. The Elder Scrolls series started back in 1994 with the release of 'The Arena'. Followed by the 1996 release of part two; 'Daggerfall' As CPU power increased, so did the third in this...