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  1. DoubleTap

    Oculus Link works on my Strix z390, but not TB3 port on Asrock z390 PG itx. Ideas?

    We just got a Quest 2 and a official Link cable. Its great. I was able to connect it to my Z390 Strix ITX system without any issues. When I connect it to mu son's Asrock Phantom Gaming ITX/ac system which has USB C Thunderbolt interface on the back, it never works, it says the usb device is...
  2. I

    Oculus 2 Ready Laptop

    Hi Folks, Just joined this amazing community, this is my first post! I'm willing to buy a "VR ready" laptop, I would like to keep the budget under 2500 euro. I own an Oculus 2, my first VR, I love it! My expectations are that I want obviously to be able to play most of the "HEAVY" and...
  3. grifter_66

    Can I Play Original Oculus Rift Games On An Oculus Quest 2 Using Oculus Link?

    I own the original Oculus Rift and I just bought an Oculus Quest 2 (it hasn't arrived yet) thinking that I could plug it in to my computer using Oculus Link and I'd already have an existing library of titles to play considering all the games I purchased for my Oculus Rift. Unfortunately I just...