node 202

  1. T

    Molex power to pcie

    Hi, I have built a portabel workstation/gaming desktop pc using the Node 202 case and two Asus MB169C+ monitors. The monitors are portable usb c monitors that get both bower and video through usb c. After long hours googling and with the help of a thread in this forum, I have managed to get...
  2. riba2233

    My Fractal Node 202 build

    Hi, I wanted to post my Node 202 build. Parts are: Ryzen 1500X -id-cooling is40-v3 (CPU cooler) Biostar X370GTN G.skill FlareX 2×8gb 2400 Chieftec 500W SFX-L Intel 600p 512gb EVGA 1080 SC So yeah, I have AMD, Nvidia, and Intel working together great :) It's meant to be HTPC/4K gaming...
  3. G

    Node 202 Mobo advice

    Hey all, I am planning to build a SFF as my workstation with NODE 202 as my primary choice of case. I need some guidelines or direction/recommendations for the motherboard. Here is the components I have decided: MO-BO:- Still wondering PROC:- For now I am reusing my old 4th Gen i7 4770 -...