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  1. cageymaru

    Khronos Group Is Working on EXT Extension to Assist Linux Gaming Translation Layers

    Piers Daniell is an Nvidia Principal engineer of 11 years, C/C++ expert specializing in OpenGL and Vulkan. He has confirmed that "members of the Vulkan working group are developing a multi-vendor EXT extension for transform feedback with the primary goal of satisfying the needs of the DXVK...
  2. B

    BloodyIron on Linux Gaming - YouTube

    Hi Folks, By now, you may have seen this: And I'm sure some of you might have felt like this: Well, I'm BloodyIron, and I'm now working on something I've been mulling over for like 2 years. I'm going to start a YouTube series, as part of a channel of mine (which does not yet have...
  3. cageymaru

    Star Citizen to Exclusively Use the Vulkan API

    According to staff at Cloud Imperium Games, the space combat and adventure game Star Citizen is going to exclusively use the Vulkan API in the future. They go on to state that DX12 and Vulkan have the same feature set and similar performance gains, but Vulkan can be ported to more OS's whereas...