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    AT: The Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 Showdown: AMD's Ryzen Picasso vs. Intel's Ice Lake

    Anandtech has a nice showdown between the both version of the Surface Laptop. AMD vs Intel on the same chassis. AMD needs to get it's 7nm APU out to be competetive: The Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 Showdown: AMD's Ryzen Picasso vs. Intel's Ice Lake There aren’t too many ways to sugar coat the...
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    Anandtech: The Ice Lake Benchmark Preview: Inside Intel's 10nm

    AT got to spend some time with intels new core. While there are some nice gains in specific tests, overall progress is limited because while IPC improves, clock speed regresses almost an equal amount:
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    Anandtech: Intel Unveils 10th Gen Core Ice Lake-U & Ice Lake-Y Mobile CPUs: 10nm Sunny Cove Later Th

    Anandtech pulls together the Ice Lake info form Intels Computex presentation. I know some of this was presented in pieces elsewhere, but this pulls it together. It also the most important CPU news for Intel going forward. This Intels new core, and new IGPU. It may also be Intels only real...
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    Anandtech: Intel Teases Ice Lake-U Integrated Graphics Performance

    Intel shows internal benchmarks of Ice Lake IGP, including vs previous generation and AMD Raven Ridge at 25 watts.
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    Ice Lake Brings A New CPU, GPU, IPU, and I/Os, To Follow By Tiger Lake Next Year Both Tiger Lake and Arctic Sound (Intel’s discrete client graphics solution) are back from the fab. 7nm Xe GPGPUs will launch in 2021. A small mistake: contrary to what says the...
  6. AlphaAtlas

    Intel Ice Lake Shows Up In EEC Database

    Intel showed off a 10nm Ice Lake "client SoC" at CES this year, and revealed that it will use the "Sunny Cove" CPU architecture. While they gave a few details about the upcoming mobile chips and the core itself, we didn't hear much about Ice Lake in higher power parts. However, Twitter user and...
  7. AlphaAtlas

    Intel Shows Off 10nm Ice Lake SOC

    While the desktop processors Intel announced yesterday were all 14nm parts based on existing silicon, they also teased some of their upcoming 10nm products. Gregory Bryant, the senior vice president of Intel's Client Computing Group, held up an Ice Lake system on a chip, which he claimed is...
  8. cageymaru

    Intel has Officially Announced the New Data Center Roadmap

    Intel's Executive VP and GM of the Data Center Group, Navin Shenoy has released a statement announcing the new Intel data center roadmap. First he announced new server accessories such as the Intel Optane DC persistent memory which allows for a larger persistent memory tier between the DRAM and...