1. D10S

    Dice Cases: FLOW (ITX Watercooling Case!)

    Involved in this new itxcase, just as tester, and i'd like to show this "Expandable SFF Case for watercooling enthusiasts" https://dicecases.com/#home SPECIFICATIONS BASE DIMENSIONS 12.5L-21.1L VOLUME 209 X 161 X 372 MM EXPANDED DIMENSIONS 1st expand: 27mm (fans, drives) 235 X 162 X...
  2. Zarathustra[H]

    What Happened to All the Expandable AIO's?

    So, My stepsons H110i GTX is starting to act up. The pump is running full speed (as judged by RPM values) but floew seems impeded as one hose gets really hot and the other stays cold. So, time to replace that thing. The way my brain works is, whenever something stops working, it's time for...