eve online

  1. cageymaru

    Pearl Abyss Acquires CCP Games in $425 Million Deal

    CCP Games of Iceland which created the Eve Online MMO has been acquired by South Korean developer Pearl Abyss that launched the Black Desert Online MMO for $425 million. Pearl Abyss spokesperson Robin Jung says, "The video games industry is becoming more competitive over obtaining strong IPs...
  2. DooKey

    Biggest Battle Ever in Eve Online Claims Multiple Titans

    The biggest battle that's ever been seen in Eve Online began yesterday and resulted in the two sides losing multiple Titan warships. The battle included over 3,500 players defending or attacking a Keepstar citadel owned by the Northern Coalition. The lost capital ships could be worth a million...
  3. R

    Largest Battle Ever In EVE Online Happening

    In a report from VR and Fun, today is the day for the largest battle in EVE Online. The battle is slated to start at 3PM EST with the former largest, and most organized coalition; The Imperium trying to destroy the remains of the Moneybadger Coalition in the next chapter of a feud that has been...
  4. M

    EVE Developers Pulling Out of VR

    CCP, the developers behind EVE Online and EVE Valkryie, is scaling back on its VR development. EVE Valkryie was there day one with the launch of the Oculus Rift, but the company sees the market as still a niche, with an estimated base of about 2.4 million users on PC headsets. Its office in...
  5. M

    EVE Player Makes Porn to Fund Spaceship Business

    PC Gamer has as an article on how an EVE player is able to fund his space endeavors by making amateur porn videos of himself. With aspirations to run his own hauling company to transfer merchandise through EVE's dangerous zones, "TimEllington" decided to take advantage of Pornhub's amateur...
  6. Q

    Dual Universe: a possible successor to Eve Online?

    What caught my eye about this is that unlike (as I understand it) Eve, players can design and script their own ships.
  7. M

    EVE online: Citadel free weekend

    MMO sci-fi. "14-day free full-game trial Play for free! Ends in 3 days and 2 hours" Info on the free weekend: Steam Community :: Group Announcements :: EVE Online Steam store page: Save 75% on EVE Online on Steam