data collection

  1. cageymaru

    iRobot Says Beta Testers Do Not Have a Right to Privacy When Photos of People on the Toilet Appear on Social Media

    Roomba testers feel misled after intimate images ended up on Facebook A Roomba recorded a woman on the toilet. How did screenshots end up on Facebook...
  2. B

    Not only google... your car MFR also knows everything about you... Not like this is a surprise to anyone REMOTELY familiar with modern data flows, but still...
  3. cageymaru

    Los Angeles Alleges the Weather Channel App Deceptively Mined User Data for Profit

    The city of Los Angeles is suing the Weather Company for deceptively marketing location services in its Weather Channel app as only used to localize weather reports. In fact it is alleged that consumers had their private geolocation information data mined by the intrusive tool masquerading as a...
  4. cageymaru

    Algorithms Cannot Completely Model the Real World

    Researchers discussing artificial intelligence (A.I.) have voiced similar opinions related to the necessity for more accurate data collection. The invention of the internet allowed companies to collect enough data to create algorithms, machine learning, and artificial intelligence technologies...
  5. R

    Facebook on Data Collection: You Agreed To It

    Vanity Fair is reporting that Facebook is getting even more bad press when it comes to user data. With the events of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, more and more people are taking a look at the data the Facebook has on them. One user, Dylan McKay, and Android user, downloaded his Facebook data...
  6. R

    MoviePass CEO Brags About How Much Data it Collects

    In an interview at the Entertainment Finance Forum, the CEO of MoviePass Mitch Lowe had a lot to say, and some of it was rather shocking. While the interview was mostly about statistics and company projections, when the interviewer asked about data collection, things turned grim. Lowe boasted...