1. L

    Local BTC Storage, Desktop Wallet, Need Advice

    Hey guys, I could use some advice with respect to local (home PC) "storage" of BTC. Background: I'm relatively new to cryptocurrency production and transactions. As a Folding@Home enthusiast, I've been folding for 16 years. I joined the Foldingcoin and Curecoin awarding teams just this summer...
  2. P

    Buying bitcoins without risk

    Where can I purchase bitcoin with zero risk of fraud?
  3. U

    Best Cryptocurrency to mine with 3GB GPUs

    Hi there, I am rather new to the world of Altcoins, so excuse me if some of my questions are stupid. I have four graphic cards lying around: - HD7970, 3GB - r9 280x, 3GB - GTX 670, 2GB - GTX 690, 4GB I also already got Mainboard, CPU, Ram and PSU, so other than electricity bill no additional...
  4. R

    Ethereum Price Plummets As Mining Difficulty Skyrockets

    It appears the Ethereum gold rush may be coming to and end. As the price skyrocketed from $8.22 at the end of 2016, to it's peak of over $380 in June many people started investing in mining rigs. While Ethereum is in no way dead, the cryptocurrency has dropped over 28% in value over the last...
  5. Gilthanis

    Grid Computing Center On top of running the NCI applications from GoofyxGrid, it appears that they are now testing some cryptocoin generation options to fill the place of BitoinUtopia. Apparently you will be able to mine XMR from the project if you opt in. Currently only AMD...
  6. Zarathustra[H]

    Linux.MulDrop.14 Malware Mines for Cryptocurrency Using Raspberry Pi Devices

    A few weeks ago we reported on Adylkuzz, a malware that uses the same attack vector as the WannaCry ransomware, but rather than extort you for money by holding your data hostage, it installs cryptocurrency mining software on your machine, and mines cryptocurrency to the benefit of its creator...
  7. FrgMstr

    Adylkuzz Cryptocurrency Mining Malware Spreading

    "Good" malware is the kind the person is not even aware of, right? And "good" malware prevents the spread of other malware, right? The ProofPoint website has a write-up on the Adylkuzz malware, that is much like the WannaCry RansomWorm in that it spreads the same way. Instead of holding your...