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Jan 29, 2006


On top of running the NCI applications from GoofyxGrid, it appears that they are now testing some cryptocoin generation options to fill the place of BitoinUtopia. Apparently you will be able to mine XMR from the project if you opt in. Currently only AMD cards but plans for others to come.

MODS, please do not move this thread to the mining sub forum as this project does more than crypto support. It is an umbrella project still in the works.
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Too bad the stats export has the graphs messed up..

Well..that didn't take long. They have closed this project down and the admin is moving his stuff back to GoofyxGrid only he is splitting it into two projects. The reason for the split is because the BOINC server software was never really designed to host multiple NCI and CPU intensive projects at the same time. So, it gets confused and causes all sorts of problems. So, to avoid these issues, he is making a project strictly for CPU intensive and a project for non-CPU intensive.
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Wrong post? I thought GPUgrid is different from GridComputingCenter:)