1. Armenius

    Control 2
  2. cageymaru

    Remedy Entertainment Ditches Microsoft for Control Game Release

    Remedy Entertainment has announced that they have lost their bid to continue work on the Alan Wake and Quantum Break franchises. After going to great lengths to make sure that the writing in the games was done in a way to allow for sequels, Microsoft which owns the exclusive rights to the...
  3. S

    Forwarding control outputs for pipeline stages of given MIPS assembly

    I've just finished trying this problem from my book but there's no answer key and I'm not fully sure and would like to know if I've done it correctly, or am overlooking something. I'm assuming MUX is for determining the rt value and the other rs? Is that correct?
  4. FrgMstr

    Amazon Patents Online Store Shopping Control

    Many brick and mortar stores now offer price matching to online stores, while you are in the store checking prices. While Amazon has very little in terms of physical footprint when it comes to retail, it has just patented a "physical store online shopping control." This would allow the...