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    Which of these motherboard should i buy?

    Hi guys :), i'm building my first "gamer" pc, pretty budget, i am noob in hardware subject. For the moment, this is the pc: CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 3200g + Radeon Vega 8 RAM: 2x8 3200 MHz HDD 1 TB. I have to choose the mother now and i am between these (don't recommend other than one of these, i get...
  2. Pieter3dnow

    Buildzoid rambles on about Ryzen 3000 and motherboard compatibility

    Buildzoid is looking at what Ryzen 3000 is going to do with all of the older motherboards X470 B450 X370 B350.
  3. Pieter3dnow

    AMD Chipset Drivers Download v19.10.0429

    https://www.guru3d.com/files-details/amd-chipset-drivers-download.html released May, 2019 If someone finds it on AMD website do share the link please ;)
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  5. I

    x370 vs b450 vs x470 with a R7 2700

    Which chipset would be better with a Ryzen 7 2700? I've made list of x370, b450 and x470 boards that seem to have a great performance for gaming, and still fit my budget. x370 - GIGABYTE X370 GA-AX370-GAMING K3 (US$185.19) b450 - ASUS PRIME B450-PLUS (US$187.63) - MSI B450 TOMAHAWK (US$190.10)...
  6. I

    Best build for 1080p 60FPS+

    I'm in doubt as to which CPU to pick. It is clear for me that AMD CPUs have a higher cost benefit than Intel CPUs, and in addition offering more cores and threads than Intel, allowing OC on any CPU, including stock coolers and with a path for future upgrades. For these reasons I've already...
  7. CknSalad

    ASUS releasing two mini-itx AM4 Boards in October

    https://www.overclock3d.net/news/cpu_mainboard/asus_is_set_to_release_two_mini-itx_am4/1 Seems like they are doing the same thing as AsRock releasing a B350 and X370 board.
  8. C

    Ryzen 5 1400, Asrock AB350 Pro4 ATX, Liquid Cooler AIO, 8GB DDR4 RAM

    Ryzen 5 1400, Asrock AB350 Pro4 ATX, Asetek Liquid Cooler AIO http://www.ebay.com/itm/263092542082 $223 shipped here. Adata 8GB (2x4GB) DDR4 2400 RAM http://www.ebay.com/itm/263099070124 $49 shipped here.
  9. Zarathustra[H]

    AMD Ryzen IOMMU and the B350 Chipset Challenges

    While Ryzen certainly is a very tempting platform for virtualization on the cheap, we have reported before that it may not be quite there yet. ServeTheHome has had some further relevant issues with their Ryzen system on the B350 platform with certain configurations resulting in an ADM-Vi error...
  10. Pieter3dnow

    New AM4 motherboards spotted

    http://www.fudzilla.com/news/motherboards/41997-two-new-gigabyte-am4-motherboards-spotted from https://www.guru3d.com/news-story/amd-gigabyte-am4-x370-and-b350m-d2-motherboard-photos-surface.html Seems okay :)