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    Feb 17, 2018
    I'm in doubt as to which CPU to pick. It is clear for me that AMD CPUs have a higher cost benefit than Intel CPUs, and in addition offering more cores and threads than Intel, allowing OC on any CPU, including stock coolers and with a path for future upgrades. For these reasons I've already discarded the 6C/6T i5 from my list, even though it's getting great results in games, the 6C/6T without hyper-threading does not seem to me to be the most balanced option for the future. This leaves me with some builds:
    ASUS Prime B350-Plus / X370 of similar price
    Ryzen 7 1700 (8C/16T) / Ryzen 7 1800x (8C/16T) / Ryzen 6 2600x (6C/12T) / Ryzen 7 2700 (8C/16T)
    2x8GB 2800Mhz
    GTX 1070
    (Regardless of the CPU, there's almost no price difference, even in the case of the 1800x, that doesn't include a stock cooler.)
    ASUS TUF B360M-Plus Gaming/BR
    i7-8700K (6C/12T)
    DeepCool Gamma Archer DP-MCAL-GA
    2x8GB 3000Mhz
    GTX 1060 6GB
    The AMD build was made by me, and the Intel one is selled here at a local store (in Brazil, that's why I don't put monetary values). Any AMD CPU + 1070 is the same price as 8700k + 1060 6GB. For me, it looks like AMD CPUs offer more for their price. Here in Brazil i7-8700K is the double of an 2600x. And a R7 2700x is 30% cheaper than i7-8700K. Since it's difficult to talk about the monetary side, let's talk about performance. Is it worth it to get a better CPU (for gaming) with a less powerful GPU, or it's better to get a better GPU with a less powerful CPU (for gaming)?
    Thinking out loud, considering price and performance (aka cost benefit), I would take the R7 2700 with a GTX 1070. The 2700x is much more expensive than the others.
    Some clarifications that I forgot to mention above:
    * PC is mainly for gaming (1080p, 60hz), especially AAA titles, on ultra +60fps (I know that more than 60fps will not be perceptible in the 60hz monitor, but I'm looking for more than 60fps in order to run the future releases smoothly, with a minimum of 60fps).
    * I chose the 2700 because it, among all AMD CPUs, is the one that offers more resources. I know that in certain games, as in the case of the i5, the 2600x takes advantage because of its higher clock.
    * The choice of the CPUs and GPUs above can be considered an overkill (for 1080p 60hz), but it is due to the fact that I have the habit of changing my machine from its long periods of time. My current machine, for example, it's from 2012.
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    If it's longevity you're after, your choice of 2700 and 1070 seems the right one to me.

    At 1080p/60 any of those CPU's would do the job and the 1070 will last you longer than the 1060.

    You can always drop Zen2 into the mobo with just a bios update later on should you need to, if you choose a decent board.
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    Feb 17, 2018
    I won't take the Prime B350-Plus anymore because the store that had this board, with the new bios, ran out of the product. And there aren't many good b350s at the market here in Brazil.
    What would you recommend: a b450, x370 or a x470 for Ryzen 2700? The only ATX x370 available here in Brazil is the GA-AX370-GAMING K3. Talking about b450s, we have lots of mATXs, such as the MSI B450M PRO-VDH, MSI B450M BAZOOKA, ASUS ATX PRIME B450M-A. And these ATXs: ASUS ATX PRIME B450-PLUS, MSI B450 TOMAHAWK (all b450s are from the cheapest to the most expensive). Talking about x470s, there are 2 available that fit my budget, the ASRock X470 MASTER and the ASRock X470 GAMING-ITX. The b450s have all a similar price. The x470s are slightly more expensive than the b450, but are still fit in the budget. The GA-AX370-GAMING K3 is the same price of the ASUS ATX Prime B450. From what I've been searching, I would take a ATX B450 or one of the x470s, but I want your opinion.