1. N

    Which voice call (GSM/G2-audio) and VoLTE (4G) supported WWAN-cards to use?

    Hi, I need to make direct voice calling possible on my windows 10, 7.9-inch (mini)laptop. This trough a voice supported WWAN-card, 2G audio/voice calling and VoLTE. And without using voice over IP (VoIP) or connecting/making use of an external cellphone. Previous years I used a Huawei-dongle...
  2. dvsman

    Samsung Watch 4G or any other Android watch w/4G - anyone use?

    So I was thinking of trying out the new edition Samsung Watch 4G - but I've gotten conflicting info from people I've talked to - including the corporate AT&T sales guy vs the in store AT&T guy. What I'm trying to find out is if I can (with added fee) share the same phone number as my current...
  3. cageymaru

    FCC Launches Investigation into Mobility Fund Mapping Rule Violations

    The FCC is launching an investigation into major carriers who are accused of Mobility Fund mapping rule violations. These carriers may have submitted incorrect coverage area maps. The FCC seeks to allocate up to $4.53 billion over the next decade to advance 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE)...
  4. Cerulean

    Need help with wireless antenna connectors and adapters

    We have a Netgear LG6100D that we use with Sprint and are looking to improve the 4G LTE signal with an outdoor roof mounted antenna. I'm trying to find information on the name of the connectors and need help. :( We are also needing what seems to be a male to male adapter to connect this to a...
  5. R

    The Moon is Getting 4G Coverage

    Reuters is reporting that Vodaphone and Nokia are teaming up to put the first mobile phone network on the moon next year. The reason? Unfortunately not a theme park (yet), but to stream high-definition video from the lunar landscape back to earth. Nokia is developing space-grade 4G networking...
  6. B

    FS: Used Verizon LG G4

    I've just moved on to the Samsung S8 and now my LG G4 is on the block. The phone has minor scratches on the back case but the screen is blemish free. The phone will come with appropriate charger. Asking $150 OBO Heatware- Baker_God