FCC Launches Investigation into Mobility Fund Mapping Rule Violations


Fully [H]
Apr 10, 2003
The FCC is launching an investigation into major carriers who are accused of Mobility Fund mapping rule violations. These carriers may have submitted incorrect coverage area maps. The FCC seeks to allocate up to $4.53 billion over the next decade to advance 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) high-speed mobile broadband service in rural areas that would not be served without government support.

"My top priority is bridging the digital divide and ensuring that Americans have access to digital opportunity regardless of where they live, and the FCC's Mobility Fund Phase II program can play a key role in extending high-speed Internet access to rural areas across America," said Chairman Pai. "In order to reach those areas, it's critical that we know where access is and where it is not. A preliminary review of speed test data submitted through the challenge process suggested significant violations of the Commission's rules. That's why I've ordered an investigation into these matters. We must ensure that the data is accurate before we can proceed."
The can has been kicked so often, it has been reduced to a crumpled ball of rusty metal.
And being the FCC we can of course trust whatever they come up with.
Oh hey lets do a study to find out which multibillion dollar cellular company is going to get a fat government contract worth 4.5 billion... and then probably do a half assed job at it. All so like 1% of America can have broadband
At least the corporate welfare is being somewhat overseen now... I still say why give big telecom money to build access in rural areas. The government should build the infrastructure according to the carriers specifications and then lease it to them at rates that make it mildly profitable to do so. Paying them to build rural infrastructure is folly! Way too many ways to not meet their part of the bargain and still walk away with tax dollars they don't deserve.