1. cageymaru

    The Most Popular Shows on Netflix by State in 2018

    Using data from Google Trends, HighspeedInternet.com was able to create a list of the most popular Netflix shows in each state during 2018. California and Texas love "Jane the Virgin" while six states were enamored with "The End of the F***ing World." 7 states were impressed with "13 Reasons...
  2. P

    Vote: Hard DC'er of the Year: 2017 {part one}

    1 January ChelseaOilman 2 February tmossman01 3 March Skillz 4 April lelliott731 5 May applejacks 6 June Phoenicis 7 July jfb9301 8...
  3. FrgMstr

    AMD Threadripper Water Block Cooler Roundup for 2017 @ [H]

    AMD Threadripper Water Block Cooler Roundup for 2017 We go back and re-test all of our Socket TR4 AMD Threadripper CPU under the same conditions so we can compare all of those directly in one review article. We cover the EK Supremacy EVO, the Koolance 400A-S, the Phanteks 399A, the Swiftech...
  4. U

    A Video I took 2017

    We don't really have one of these. I've been spending a lot more of my time in the video world recently. I still have been working on portraits and stuff, but I just haven't had the want to put anything up recently. Anyway, I relatively recently got my first drone to compliment my video work...
  5. FrgMstr

    Sneak In on Prime Day 2017

    While we can certainly suggest that Prime Days in years past have been somewhat anemic, and have seemed more like a yard sale rather than anything Prime, we can hope that Prime Day 2017 will be different. The only downside to Prime Day is that you have to be a Prime subscriber. But there is a...
  6. S

    Intel i7-930 Revisit - Nehalem Benchmarks in 2017 vs. SB, Phenom, More (GamersNexus)

  7. Gilthanis

    SETI@Home Wow Event 2017 by SETI.Germany

    8/15 - 8/29 Hello Colesaw,SETI.Germany is organizing the SETI @ Home Wow Event in August 2017. The registration is already possible.You and your Team [H]ard|OCP are welcome to join in the Event. Register here: https://www.seti-germany.de/Wow/anmeldung.php?lang=de&lang=en Many Greetings...
  8. S

    GeForce 20 series to be released this year (Volta)

    According to chinese website MyDrivers: - Pascal lineup is complete now that NVIDIA launched Titan Xp and is about to launch GeForce GTX 1030 - Based on their traditional upgrade cycle we should expect Volta by the end of the year or early 2018, but NVIDIA changed plans - Market situation in...
  9. Gilthanis

    8th Annual BOINC Pentathlon by SETI.Germany

    8th Annual BOINC Pentathlon - https://www.seti-germany.de/boinc_pentathlon/start.php Hosted by Seti-Germany 05/05/2016, 0:00 UTC to 05/19/2016, 0:00 UTC 5 disciplines, 1 winner Place Holder for official projects once they are announced Marathon (CPU, 14 days) - 5/5-6/19 - Cosmology@home -...
  10. Gilthanis

    PrimeGrid Mathematics Awareness Month Challenge (Part 2 of the PrimeGrid Challenge Series)

    Mathematics Awareness Month Challenge From April 7th 12:00:00 UTC until April 22nd 12:00:00 UTC we will be having a 15 day challenge running the Prime Sierpinski Problem (LLR) Project. This project is an LLR work unit and is CPU only. This means you will more than likely have better results...
  11. Gilthanis

    WCG has a new sub project: Smash Childhood Cancer

    AgrFan already posted this in the WCG thread https://hardforum.com/threads/world-community-grid.1833345/page-6#post-1042781874 but I figured it may get more exposure with its own as an announcement of sorts. https://www.worldcommunitygrid.org/research/scc1/overview.do
  12. Gilthanis

    Tour de Primes 2017

    2/1 - 2/28 - PrimeGrid - Tour De Primes - http://www.primegrid.com/forum_thread.php?id=7222#103682 - This is NOT part of the 2017 challenge series. However it is possible to earn a special badge based on your results. The agenda is multi-factored. They are looking for the person with the best...
  13. FrgMstr

    What Legit Reviews Learned at CES2017 about Ryzen

    Notorious Nathan Kirsch gives us a synopsis of what Legit Reviews pulled together at CES2017.
  14. Gilthanis

    Formula-BOINC 2017

    Since I didn't have access to the website at work, I copied this from OcUK's post. Thanks hanluc. New season has started and along with it new rules. Also this year, in addition to the usual FB scoring (called marathons now) there will be a sprint discipline. Sprint : 20 events of 3-days...
  15. Gilthanis

    PrimeGrid Isaac Newton's Birthday Challenge (part 1 of 9 of PrimeGrid Challenge Series)

    http://www.primegrid.com/forum_thread.php?id=7183#102795 January 3rd to January 13th @ 18:00 UTC time This is part 1 of 9 in the Challenge Series. The challenge is for the GCW Sieve. This is a CPU based work unit. Tips: You must log into your account at PrimeGrid to change your project...
  16. Gilthanis

    DC Challenges 2017

    Year round DC-Vault Ongoing - DC Vault - Team Details - Team currently in 4th place DC Vault 2 Formula-BOINC Year long challenge - www.formula-boinc.org/ -Team is in 1st of League 3 2011 - Team placed 95th 2012 - Team placed 58th 2013 - Team placed 60th 2014 - Team placed 1st in League 2 -...
  17. S

    Farming Simulator 17 Announced

    Farming Simulator 17 coming end of 2016 - GIANTS Software - Support Forum I've put ~120 hours into both 13 and 15. The thing I don't like is they didn't fix a few major issues from 13 to 15...namely AI getting stuck on trees while working, and the fact that the AI is too stupid to harvest...