[H]ard|DCer of the Year - 2014
Jan 29, 2006
2/1 - 2/28 - PrimeGrid - Tour De Primes - -

This is NOT part of the 2017 challenge series. However it is possible to earn a special badge based on your results.

The agenda is multi-factored. They are looking for the person with the best found prime and they are looking for the person that finds the most primes. Last year PPSE and SGS were the easiest project to find Primes in but wasn't as likely to find the highest prime. Currently, the fastest opportunities to find Top 5000 primes is with the SGS (LLR), PPSE (LLR), and GFN-16 (65536) projects.

  • tdp_2017_red.png
    Red Jersey - discoverer of largest prime
  • tdp_2017_yellow.png
    Yellow Jersey - prime count leader (tiebreaker will be prime score)
  • tdp_2017_green.png
    Green Jersey - points (prime score) leader
  • tdp_2017_polkadot.png
    Polk-a-dot Jersey - on the 19th of February we'll have a "mountain" stage and award the Polk-a-dot Jersey to the one who finds the most primes on that day (tiebreaker will be prime score for that day).
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Also, keep in mind this is a CPU/GPU event. So, run both to increase your possibility of getting Primes. Double Precision capable GPU's are mandatory, so don't run extremely old GPU's.