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    HTC One Watch Thread

    HTC One Google Edition for $599 on Play Store just announced /boing
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    Up for my new every 2 with T-Mo. What to do, what to do?

    Love T-mobile... and now they have LTE in my area. My note 2 has been blazin fast on their network and I'm paying FAR less than my friends with Verizon and crap
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    Any Android people go to the iphone 5?

    Anecdotally, from what I've both seen and read, it's generally that iPhone users move to Android if they do make a switch. Android seems to either stick around or jump to WP. People new to smartphones and/or leaving Blackberry often take on Apple first, but rarely will you hear people go from...
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    Apple Maps... Houston we have a problem

    The thing is, it being a very non-Apple move needs to raise the fact that the stupid "it just works" thing from Apple needs to GTFO from the internet. Also, people are a bit peeved that the entire move from Apple seems more to d!ck over Google than to provide customers the best experience...
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    Thinking of getting a Galaxy SIII. Who has the best data plan ?

    Unlocking T-Mobile isn't that hard either. Just call them up, say you're traveling overseas for a bit of time, and you'd like the unlock code. Presto. Not like @$$hole AT&T who hesitates to unlock the phone even after your contract is up
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    Thinking of getting a Galaxy SIII. Who has the best data plan ?

    Check with the actual wireless center there, it should still be on sale through them. Or you can check Wal Mart as well
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    Sprint 4G LTE going Live in 100 cities over next few months

    Heh, enjoy the new LTE network speeds once all those shiny new iPhone 5's with LTE show up
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    Thinking of getting a Galaxy SIII. Who has the best data plan ?

    A lot of the issues with T-Mobile is plain FUD. Yes, their coverage can be shoddier than VZW in rural areas... but guess what T-Mobile branded phones offer? Wi-Fi calling. You connect to a Wi-Fi router, and you can operate your phone through the router as if you had reception. Funny being up in...
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    Thinking of getting a Galaxy SIII. Who has the best data plan ?

    T-Mobile is by far the best Currently paying $74.99/mo with unlimited talk, text, 5GB of data at 4G speeds (upwards of 10+ Mbps, more than most people ever need) + WiFi hotspot. Get the value plan if you want that rate ($94.99/mo otherwise on classic 2 year plan) Got the S3 at Costco too for...
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    Galaxy S3 delay... anyone else have luck or updates?

    What colors have people been ordering? Seems like Blue is the most readily available color right now, but no idea what else people are rocking
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    S3 review US reviews

    LTE is in my market so it should be a step up from AT&T HSPA+ which isn't as good in this area, though I've gotten used to just toggling the radios if drain is a problem... hopefully they have a widget for this That said, I don't know what people are doing asking for 20Mbps+ speeds since...
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    S3 review US reviews

    Yeah, I read the xda-developers thread on what you did, and it sounds like an option. I agree that HSPA+ and LTE for the most part isn't a huge difference at this point in the game, though that might change depending on how their future deployment goes An alternative to going AT&T, if one...
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    S3 review US reviews

    Interesting. How do you do voice and text messaging? Are they on the same plan?
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    S3 review US reviews

    What's the $10 a month unlimited data plan? I would actually have it the other way around... the Evo 4G LTE has a micro SD slot and camera shutter button to go along with a beefier battery (important w/o removable battery imo)
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    Where are the US GS3 reviews?

    You can always toggle off LTE if you want, of course - but HSPA+ is plenty for the majority of what you will browse on anyways. LTE I would use just for streaming/tethering