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    Effects of CPU cache size on total system performance?

    Read the rules: flaming is prohibited. That includes calling people "stupid" or "moron"
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    Is CPU power draw/wattage linear with CPU usage?

    Unfortunately, semiconductors are not necessarily ohmic, so they don't follow Ohm's law.
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    Is CPU power draw/wattage linear with CPU usage?

    I don't really get what you're trying to say. Watts are watts, energy per time unit. 100W power draw by the CPU equates to more from the wall socket only because of inherent losses from inefficient voltage conversion. Watt = unit of power Amp = unit of electrical current Volt = unit of...
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    Machining my own blocks?

    Good luck pouring molten metal into a wax or plastic mold ;)
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    What about using fuelfilters in a waterloop

    I figured- I haven't held one of those in my hand in a while, but I think that type might even have some kind of steel framework inside of it for the paper element.
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    Machining my own blocks?

    So you have access to a CNC mill? Tooling will be your biggest expense if you don't have tools already available to cut the features you want (which may be the case, if you want micro-channels or something of the sort). As far as diagrams go, what kind of block are you wanting to make...
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    Two Different Pumps, Same Loop

    It's been discussed before, try searching for parallel pumps or pump redundancy... Running them together inline is probably not a good idea. Replacing your 60gph pump with a larger one would be a better move. I can't suggest that you do so with the VA 1300 though, because I've gone through...
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    What about using fuelfilters in a waterloop

    Fuel filters are also meant to be exposed to fuel, and not water. It's possible that there are metal parts in there that could rust or otherwise corrode, negating any benefit and probably worsening your problem.
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    What about using fuelfilters in a waterloop

    You may want to reconsider the way you address peoples' ideas here. If you don't know why, refer to the rules.
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    Overclocking Guide Intel and Asus?

    Then you missed this part? (9) No SHOUTING (Posting in all capital letters) It’s hard to read and just plain rude and annoying. Also, wait longer than 3 hours (like 24 hours) to bump your thread - this isn't live tech support. Thanks
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    People acting up

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    3/8" to (2)1/4"

    And now, back to the topic please...
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    Flexible Heat Pipes

    I bet braided stainless hose (as in high-end brake/fuel lines) could work, being somewhat flexible without excessive internal volume change...
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    tline will rise the temp?

    No. A small res could possibly hurt performance by letting air mix in with the water. This won't happen with a t-line.
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    Some pics of my rig for you to enjoy.

    I'm thinking in relative terms. At whatever flowrate you're thinking of, the blocks will always pose much more of a restriction.