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    Microsoft Investing $3B In Dell

    Servers shipping Linux? Is that to avoid the MS tax on servers that won't be running any MS product anyway (not terribly significant), or needed if you want support but don't want to explain that you can't run any windows tools (if so, Dell (business /govt) support has dropped drastically from...
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    AMD Reports 2012 Fourth Quarter and Annual Results

    While I don't think they published enough of a schedule to accuse them of delays, the amount of time between trumpeting the Sledgehammer (the first AMD64 chip) and release, followed by nearly another year to get the desktop chip out. AMD has always taken forever to get chips out. AMD got...
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    Apple Facing First Profit Drop in Decade?

    I think it's primarily whiny microsoft fanboys. Plenty of them here.
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    Privacy Visor Blocks Facial Recognition Tech

    And how will this help you once you are arrested and fingerprinted? I've worked in the biometrics field. It isn't the answer.
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    100 Best Companies to Work For

    I remember that a similar list was debating McDonalds. Their back office was apparently good enough to counter much of the retail experience. Eventually they decided that they shouldn't include such jobs. The Mayo Clinic is there? Might be nice, but you would have to live in Rochester MN...
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    Video Games Are 'Electronic Child Molesters'

    Sounds like you never knew anything about him. I noticed <I>Unsafe at any Speed</I> in a used bookstore in the 1990s and found out that he is an existential proof of "just because they are out to get you doesn't mean you are not paranoid". While the US auto industry was deathly afraid of...
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    Malicious Virus Shuttered Power Plant

    While windows still crashes infinitely more often than any real OS, the issue isn't stability, it is the fact that windows just had to search the USB stick for data and autorun the data it found on it. Now it has a virus. Windows grabs any data it can find anywhere, and instantly obeys it...
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    The 10 Most Hated Companies in America

    Yes I read the article. And if I can simply walk across the shopping center to a Target/Sears/Whatever instead of JCPenny I don't feel any hatred toward them. I just buy elsewhere and don't care. Other companies I am rather stuck with I will begin to hate (banks, credit card companies, cell...
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    The 10 Most Hated Companies in America

    Do they spend much time complaining about them? How much do they hate it anyway? It isn't about the most known companies, just the most hated. Google Fight! bank of america hate: About 2,080,000 results (0.37 seconds) jcpenny hate: About 3,220,000 results (0.33 seconds) wachovia...
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    Malicious Virus Shuttered Power Plant

    The catch is that once you've been fired, whoever is left is stuck with a system that relies on a toy OS and will continue to get pwned no matter what they do. The cost of re-writing all the software for a real system is likely prohibitive, the cost of taking the whole system down so you can...
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    The 10 Most Hated Companies in America

    Is this sarcasm? It seems completely biased by stock performance. When was the last time somebody ranted how they no longer buy stuff from J.C.Penny?
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    Malicious Virus Shuttered Power Plant

    How could a USB stick possibly damage a critical system? Oh, they used windows in a system that mattered. How much fail can you get?
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    Microsoft's 13 Worst Missteps Of All Time

    Where's every security decision between 1981 and ~2008? An most of them since then?
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    Feds Say Megaupload’s Entrapment Claim Is ‘Baseless’

    Failing to destroy evidence after their ISP is told about an investigation is now a crime? Good to know.
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    Holiday PC Sales Slide For First Time In 5 Years

    There hasn't been a radical change since SSDs. Even that was a pretty minor bump compared to radical changes in the past. Pair an SSD with a core2duo and you won't know you are rocking an otherwise 6 year old computer until you try to play the latest game. Even then, you only need a slightly...