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    xbox 360 question

    If you have wireless networking experience (in other words can you setup, secure, assign ip addresses, etc for a wireless network) just get a WAP/Bridge. You can get better equipment from a vendor like Newegg for the same or lower price. For $100 you can get a WAP that outperforms the Xbox one...
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    What's taking up 8gb?

    Actually the hard drive comes pre-loaded with a bunch of stuff. At the very least you can delete all that music that comes pre-loaded. I don't remember what else there is... But if you go into the dashboard and into your system options or wherever it is to go into your hard drive you can delete...
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    360 is probobly hackable

    Wasn't it probably hackable the day it was released? :D yeah that doesn't show anything.
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    [Oblivion] Horses

    The Burger King and "Axe Body spray" armors are free though. :eek:
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    Mom & Pop stores to eBay all their PS3s...

    If you were a small electronics store and you got 10 consoles (Whether it is 360 or ps3) you'd be absolutely insane to sell them to your walk-in customers for MSRP. And it'd explain why you're just a "small electronics" store in the first place ;)
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    Burnout: Revenge free downloadable cars today!

    needs more "Burger King SUV" I invision more of this. Great way for companies to advertise and we don't get charged for it because...the charge is looking at the companies name.
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    Who will win the Next Gen console war????

    Actually you bring up an excellent point. The consumer wins. Each system really caters to a different type of gaming...and we have a price conscious option with Revolution. The consumer really is winning in this case. I'm planning on all three but the Ps3 won't make it into my game room until...
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    Ubisoft dumbs Starforce

    Just curious... Did anyone not see this coming a mile away?
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    Who will win the Next Gen console war????

    I guess if you look at the individual components Obviously all of these items are my opinion Controller: Near Perfect. I'd say perfect but at some point someone will do better I'm sure. But best controller I've ever used Game Selection: Obviously with any launch it's not going to be...
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    Who will win the Next Gen console war????

    You actually think Microsoft is sinking or going to? You must be joking. Out of these three companies MS has the smallest chance of going anywhere. There's literally no chance of it. I didn't say absolutely perfect...I said almost perfect in every way...which I stand by. This is an opinionated...
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    Who will win the Next Gen console war????

    I have a hard time imagining either the PS3 or Rev being a better console than the 360... It's almost perfect in every way. (Sure there are things that COULD be a little better...but most issues there were are a memory) Obviously I have to play the other two first...
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    When will game developers learn....

    Check out NFS:U then... Or Ridge Racer 6. Don't have to slow down in either game really. RR6 has the best drifting :cool:
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    Bethesda Charging $2.50 For Horse Armor?

    I think almost all PGR3 fans were glad to see that $5 is a good price for what they added. That will sell a ton...which doesn't help the case of you arguing against this practice :eek:
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    Separate Sub-Forum For Oblivion?

    Not necessary. I don't see why we can't get used to using mega threads here. They're used very succesfully at other forums. There's no need to create a new thread to ask what color of horse you should get. (I'm exaggerating obviously but most of these oblivion threads could be asked/answered in...