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    Spend more on cpu or mobo?

    for your use id go with 2600k and slightly cheaper mobo...what kind of o/clock you trying for? alot depends on what kind of o/clock your wanting to cheap of a motherboard are you looking at? which ones....
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    Dead X58 motherboard... replace or other socket?

    yea if funds are slim an open box on newegg or a used x58 board on the forums would be the way to go..for 100.00 bucks you could be up and running..
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    Asus P8P67 Deluxe - No Video After Video Sleep

    bios issue most likely...had same issue with my dfi 1366 board until updated bios came out...
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    i7 3820 a better choice than i7 2700K?

    K models will most likely be easier to sell when you do decide to upgrade...2500k or 2600k ...alot of people on this forum will jump on a K model over the non K...
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    I need Mobo advice.

    A couple of things come to you need a 2600k vs 2500k? you need hyperthreading? why not look at the sabertooth with its 5yr warranty...also would a z68 chipset do you better for future look to be building a very nice system...
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    Northbridge heatsink question.

    first thing i always do when i buy a new mobo is fire it up on a table and if it posts the i remove all heatsinks and apply a known good paste on all of a temp nut anyway snd hot running chips drive me nuts...since 1996 ive never had a board fail in my personal rig..i attribute this to...
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    Best Pick for X58 Motherboard

    gigabyte x58 oc board...a tank of a board..i want one so bad...maybe next month when x79 boards come out and prices drop a little more on x58 stuff..
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    Best Pick for X58 Motherboard

    asus sabertooth x58...a stellar board...
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    ASUS ROG Rampage IV Extreme X79

    love that all i need is money...
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    GIGABYTE X79 Motherboard Spy Pics

    cant wait to see the price of these boards...i thought x58 was expensive when i built but i have a feeling these boards will be quite a bit more than x58......but performance will be astounding ill bet.. intel does things my 1366 setup for now tho....
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    BIOS Update Fail (Help Needed)

    never flash in windows, never...lot of guys got paper weights after ebay for a replacement..
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    CPU Overvoltage Error. New build, all stock. Ugh..

    id be asking for an RMA for that to be something wrong there with voltage control..can you oin out the vcore with a dvom?
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    LGA1366 Motherboard recommendations

    id have to agree on the msi big bang board especially with the sale price of 219.00 on newegg right now....its a steal and a great board also....myself if i were looking tonight id have to go for the msi big bang...heavy duty board for the money....
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    Mobo quick question

    no difference at stock..why the k version with no o/clock?
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    Best bang for the buck motherboard for an I7 2600k?

    ck out the asrock z68 boards...extreme 3 seems to be the best for the money...