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    GTX285... not uplocking?

    I am almost convinced that this is a software issue after this latest development. I just had one of those "black-outs", but this time I minimized the game immediately after it happened and there was a warning message by my taskbar saying "Display Driver Stopped Responding and Has Recovered."...
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    GTX285... not uplocking?

    Thanks, but this happens while playing modern and demanding games. EDIT: I set "Prefer maximum performance" in NVIDIA Control Panel, but it didn't help: the card is still running at 2D clocks even when playing Crysis and such.
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    GTX285... not uplocking?

    Sometimes, when playing a game(any game, really), the screen goes dark for a couple of seconds. After it goes back to normal, there is a pretty sharp drop in FPS. The reason for this? The GPU starts to run at 2D clock speeds. The only fix I found is to restart the PC. I'm running Windows 7...
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    new geforce drivers 191.07 WHQL certified

    Yes, had this happen to me once with 191.07. Weird.
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    Nvidia kills GTX285, GTX275, GTX260, abandons the mid and high end market

    It's Charlie, guys. Move on, nothing new to see here.
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    First impressions of my new 5870

    Good to know that the 5870 is rocking faces.
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    Please recommend a video card....

    At that kind of resolution, the P4 will bottleneck those games like hell. Anything over 7600GT would probably be a waste.
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    Photorealistic Games – By 2024?

    I don't think that 2024 is an unfair estimate, but I believe it it will take a while longer.
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    Why no Vsync?

    I always have vsync turned off because it causes considerable input lag for me. I barely ever even notice tearing, and when I do, it doesn't really bother me. The only game I play with vsync on is Braid. I don't know, that game just feels better with it on. I also don't like sacrificing my fps.
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    ForceWare 185.68 Released

    Anybody tried them? How's this Ambient Occlusion thingy?
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    23 GeForce 295 GTX IN ONE RIG!!!

    I reported the asswipe under the "Infringes Copyright" section.
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    Beware of His rebate scam on newegg

    This is not the first time I see HIS being accused of running rebate scams on [H]ard.
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    My 920 i7 keeps reverting to 142 clock speed.

    And so the plot thickens. Can someone explain this to me?
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    My 920 i7 keeps reverting to 142 clock speed.

    Well, I have an access to a CD or a USB Flash thingy, but I have no idea how to do it.
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    My 920 i7 keeps reverting to 142 clock speed.

    Well, the file isn't working apparently. I extracted the files(there are three), but when I try to open any of them, it says "Blabla has stopped working, Windows will close the program blabla". :( EDIT: It's a self-extracting archive.