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    Connect single port IP KVM to old school KVM

    Yes, big KVM manufactures sell single port IP KVMs for this purpose.
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    Using shared storage as a volume in Win28k

    Why not create a new disk and install a ftp server pointing to that disk as the ftproot You can use RBA so those users would have read only access.
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    Best method to move a template or VM from one virtual center server to another

    You can use vConverter as well. It's not just for P2Vs--you can do V2V as well. (powered on or powered off)
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    Hiring a VM box with GPU

    Amazon EC2 started offering GPU instances recently--
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    CAT6 Cable Clips

    J Hooks are what you need--you want the wider type--they are specifically for datacom/telecom Thin wire J Hooks are for hanging electrical running in some kind of conduit, like flex, seal-tite, etc.
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    Computer hardware for schools...

    ERate and State Contracts are the way to go.
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    IP Management software

    Racktables rocks, Excel sheet is a nightmare if more then one person has to use the file RackTables > *
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    VMWAREstill king?

    Don't skip Xen--for enterprise it's definitely worth looking at. If money is no object VMware > Xen > Hyper-V. But if you just need it to work on the cheap, Xen > *
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    network drops on the ceiling

    I see this done at T-Mobile stores all the time. They use coiled Network & Power Cables. Like whats on a corded telephone to a handset. So it doesn't look horrible I guess. Next time I'm in one I'll try to snap a pic and post. They do this for their computers spread around the store.
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    Quick Survey on Virtualisation for University Project

    just filled out, glad to help
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    Gaming server

    Play around with srcds on EC2 or RS:Cloud. I wouldn't go buy hardware unless you plan to colo it. When you start the server it will advertise itself to the master servers to get listed on steam's server browser-- You set the slots on the command-line when you start the server... Biggest...
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    Virt.Machines on Amazon's EC2 + EBS?

    Rackspace Cloud Servers-- Better pricing (in most cases) then EC2, better performance (test results @ Only downfall is no persistent storage, it's coming eventually, but not yet. I get around that by simply resizing my servers to their...
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    300 person LAN network questions.

    This is the doc that calvinj was talking about...
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    VCP 410 is no joke.

    I got my CVE (VMtraining's Certified Virtual Expert) a few weeks ago--test was a breeze for me, I want to take the VCP test without fufilling the class requirement. I would still put it on my resume as Passed VCP Exam and if they ask why are you not certified I'll explain the whole class...
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    My new HDTV makes movies look cheesy

    240hz and 120hz settings reduce those and you should be happier. assuming it's cabled properly...your not using like svid or composite cables are you?