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    AMD Unveils World's First 7nm Datacenter GPUs with PCIe 4.02 Interconnect

    But how many Plex transcodes can it handle?
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    [H]ardOCPer to the Rescue!

    Another fellow KC resident here, I live up in Liberty. Stay [H]ard jkw!
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    Financial Info Leaked in Newegg Data Breach

    Damn, I bought some hdds from them last month via Paypal. Any idea if Paypal would be safe?
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    Thousands Of 3D Printers and Files Exposed Online

    Im picturing a widespread Russian 1337 hax0r attack of 3d printed dicks
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    Threadripper 2990WX - 2950X & Wraith Ripper DIY Install

    Good tips (as per usual!). I just re-installed my 1950x in a new motherboard (Asus Zenith) due to compatibility issues and headaches with unRAID and my ASROCK Fatality board. The ASROCK board was simple to tighten down the 3 screws wheras the Zenith required quite a bit of pressure applied to...
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    old server hardware / ebay? / suggestions for building with old server parts

    Saw this on r/datahoarders a couple months ago and saved it: Supermicro case is filled with shucked 8tb drives + two 1TB ssds for ZFS $12k
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    FTC Gives 30 Days to Get Rid Of Illegal Warranty Void Stickers

    As somebody who shucks external 8Tb WD hard drives this is reassuring.
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    Late Afternoon Defrag Streaming

    Ive been running a full disk scan on an 8tb WD EasyStore for the last 6 days (computer I plugged it in to only has usb 2.0). that would have been a perfect candidate. lol
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    DOJ Economist Claims AT&T/Time Warner Merger Will Cost Customers up to $571M More Per Year

    I didnt think TWC existed anymore as they merged with Charter and made Spectrum (my cable provider here in KC)?
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    Classic Arcade Game 'Rampage' Made Into a Movie

    the movie will be terrible, but it sure will be entertaining on 4-20 :D
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    It Takes Over 4,500 Hours of Gameplay, or $2,100, to Unlock All Content in Battlefront 2

    Watch out, that URL has cryptomining. My cpu usage spiked to 100% as soon as I opened that URL.
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    Missouri Attorney General Launches an Anti-Trust Investigation Against Google

    Unfortunately Google stopped expanding it's Google Fiber network (shortly after Alphabet "took over"). It got MOST of Kansas City covered, but of course they stopped 10 miles away from my house :( They are still supporting the service, but they have no plans of expansion anymore. I wouldnt be...
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    Aluminum Really Can Improve Your Wireless Performance

    Neat article, but it didn't list anything about actually making the reflector. It simply said you could...
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    Logitech PowerPlay Works with Older G403 Wireless Mice

    And replace my Ratpadz? NEVARRRRRR