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    Best business-grade windows laptop without a gpu

    Thanks for the help. It's frustrating as every option I've found thus far with a full-fledged, 45-watt i7 comes paired with a GTX1050 or similar. I did find the Zbook Studio you mentioned - however, the version without a gpu is actually more expensive than the version with the gpu, at least...
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    Best business-grade windows laptop without a gpu

    Trying to find a cheaper macbook alternative. Won't be needing a gpu so I hope to cut costs there. What's a business-grade, 15" windows laptop that has an i7-7700hq or faster, has great battery life, and doesn't look like a spaceship? Cheaper the better, of course. Currently looking into the...
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    Vertical (portrait) screen mount

    Super basic question here - I'm trying to buy a birthday gift for a friend, who has told me on several occasions that he wants a vertical monitor on his computer desk. The thing is, his desk already has two monitors and is cluttered as is, so I don't want to get him a mount with a big footprint...
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    Steel Series Sensei Raw ($39) Free next day shipping (with Prime)

    This is certainly a good mouse. My only complaint is that, at least the Raw version, the matte finish starts rubbing off within half a year.
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    Square Enix PC Games Surprise Box $9.99 (warm?)

    FF13 had just been ported to PC in October 2014. Since then two more games were released. Also, each game is priced at around $20. I think it's very possible.
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    Square Enix PC Games Surprise Box $9.99 (warm?)

    Hope the newly released FF13 pc ports are included. I bit.
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    Are Senns the bomb or is just marketing hype?

    Budget-tier Sennheiser's aren't much better than other entry-level headphones. They shine once you hit the $150+ range, starting from the HD558 and the HD600/650. That said, I've owned the JVC RX900, I thought they sounded really good. 90% similar to the mighty audio-technica m50. If you...
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    10% best buy coupon

    Expires 8/31/15 First person to PM me gets it. TAKEN
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    Asus ROG G73JH-BST7 Gaming Laptop
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    The first FX-7600P product drop.

    Okay. It turns out it's not crossfire/dual graphics in that sense. It just switches from the R5 to the R7, like from integrated to dedicated. Also, the FX-7600P model has the R9-M270 as its gpu, not the R7-M270 (no such thing exists). A little disappointed, but will depend on the price.
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    The first FX-7600P product drop.

    Still, this is interesting because it uses dual graphics. Should be more affordable than the MSI's with the R9 M290X. Very nice find, OP!
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    Thinking about a new laptop... suggestions?

    When are more kaveri apu's coming out on the market? It's been four months since they've been announced, and still no signs of the flagship FX-7600p.
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    Sony VAIO Flip14a

    FYI, I picked up an open-box (scratch & dent) pair from Best Buy for $350 (i3 model). And there are a lot of open-box pairs for under $500, at least in my area. I think it has to do with the fact that initially these laptops had a lot of problems with the touchpad and touchscreen and fan...
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    Toshiba S50 Laptop - i7-4700MQ + GT740 - $540 [Ends 8/14/14]

    Came across this searching for a good college work/game rig for under $600. Pros: i7 and GT740M at this price? Pretty good! Cons: Toshiba. 1366x768 screen. 4GB Ram. Also, did I say Toshiba? You can use two coupons for...
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    Steelseries Sensei Refurb - $30 Free shipping, decent deal imo for the best mouse in town.