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    CL Surround Station - Homebrew

    I had those in my college dorm. In retrospect, I should have just gotten headphones. :p
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    LG G2: Do you use a custom ROM?

    I have the Verizon model. Stock ROM ran great and had no issues with it. I run Malladus and don't really see any reason to experiment with other ROMS. In no rush to get KitKat and no reason for me to try AOSP over stock roms.
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    HTPC video card

    The question is really what types of "errors" and whether you will notice them. You likely won't, so I wouldn't be too concerned. Barring more significant problems, which arise from time to time and are platform specific, with hardware acceleration, I'd opt to use it since it puts less stress...
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    HTPC video card

    Yes, it's fine for displaying 1080p content.
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    HTPC video card

    Not for this application, no.
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    HTPC video card

    Stick with the iGPU, that's the primary reason to use that CPU in an HTPC.
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    Easy way to stream my XBMC library over the internet?

    I just wanted a lightweight pooling solution that works well with Snapraid. So far I like PoolHD. I don't use Plex enough to justify switching at this time. I'm hoping one of two things happen: Plex fixes it on their end somehow, or XBMC finally offers a robust competitor to Plex for...
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    Easy way to stream my XBMC library over the internet?

    It has something to do with the timestamp of file changes. On Flexraid it did not work, and on the new pooling solution I'm using, PoolHD, it doesn't work either. I can only get shows to appear with a deep scan and currently there is no way to set up recurring deep scans, only the regular...
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    Easy way to stream my XBMC library over the internet?

    The plex server software runs on my server so they are local drives. Plex can't handle any kind of pooling software. You have to run a deep scan manually every time. It's well documented but as far as I know no fix is ETA.
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    Easy way to stream my XBMC library over the internet?

    Yeah, Plex is not the universal swiss army knife app we all want it to be for mobile streaming. It has a good concept and decent support but the music section is completely underdeveloped right now and is missing basic features. Furthermore, if you have your files on any kind of NAS, good luck...
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    Moving from IOS to Android... Desktop music question

    I'm a lifelong Foobar user but its support for mobile devices is nil. I've been checking out MusicBee. Has similar features for what my Foobar setup looked like and is well designed. It's not 100% stable for me though, but it does support syncing playlists to Android.
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    Nexus-Five thread

    Maxx is 720P. Same as rest of droids and Moto X.
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    upgrading from ASUS Xonar DG

    Do you play games? If so, get a Creative Z for SBX surround for games and decent audio for music. If not, you can explore external DAC/amps. Schitt Magni/Modi is $200 for both.
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    Help me decide between verizon g2 and droid maxx

    Buttons: That's how all soft buttons work. Why would you not want a youtube video to show in fullscreen? If you want to shut off the phone you have 2 choices: (1) tap the screen, hit home and knock off; (2) hit the power button. If I am turning off the phone because I am going to put it...