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    Your GPU progression?

    Rage Pro Voodoo 3 3000 Geforce 2 Ultra Geforce 4 TI 4400 Radeon 9700 Pro Geforce 6600 GT Geforce 7800 GT Geforce 9600 GT Radeon 4890 Crossfire Radeon 6950 Geforce GTX 680 Radeon RX480
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    Your CPU progression

    P2 266 Slot 1 P4 1.4 Socket 423 P4 1.8 Socket 478 Athlon XP 2100+ Athlon XP 2500+ Pentium M 1.6ghz (laptop) Athlon 64 3200+ Athlon 64 X2 3800+ Core 2 Duo E7200 Phenom II X3 720 Core i7 2600k
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    Fresh OS install on new B3 MB's

    Just installed my B3 board about 25 minutes ago. Same thing with me, in fact Windows even lost my audio driver. Ended up calling MS to reactive Win7 too.
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    P8P67 vs P8P67 Pro

    That's pretty much it. Just to clarify the LAN on the Pro is from Intel, on the regular it's most likely Realtek. Also the regular lacks native eSATA ports, it appears it is only provided through a bracket.
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    Why do laptops have *good* AG coatings and desktops suck?

    @ Pultzar not to highjack the thread but where are you finding the U2410 for $450?
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    Your Motherboard history

    Dell Optiplex GX1 Dell Dimension 8100 Abit BD7II- Raid Asus A7N8X Deluxe Dell Latitude 8600 DFI LANPARTY UT nF4 Ultra-D DFI LANPARTY DK P35-T2RS Asus Crosshair IV Formula Asus P8P67 Pro
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    Asus P8P67 Pro PCIe lanes - Did I get it right?

    I'm trying to get a handle on the allocation of PCIe channels on my P8P67 Pro. Piecing together info from a few reviews and the manual I think I have figured it out. Does this look right? Hope this helps others. The board supports 3 different modes for the PCIe x4 slot. (Auto / X4 Mode / X1...
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    Your CPU progression

    Pentium II 266 Pentium 4 1.4 Willamette Pentium 4 1.8A Northwood Athlon T-Bird 900 Athlon XP 2100+ Thoroughbred B Athlon XP 2500+ Barton Pentium M 1.4 Banias Athlon64 3200+ Venice Athlon64 X2 3800+ Manchester Pentium E2180 Allendale Core2 Duo E7200 Wolfdale Phenom II X3 720 Heka i7 2600k Sandy...
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    Another nice thing about upgrading to SB...

    yep, using my 2+ year old Corsair TX750w. Brought it over from a C2D -> AM3 Quad -> SB 2600k
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    Sandy Bridge adopters -- post your new build.

    New Parts: Asus P8P67 Pro i7-2600k XFX Radeon 9650 Reused: Intel X25-M G2 160GB 2 x 2GB G.Skill DDR3-2000 Xigmatek HDT-1283 cooler Coolermaster HAF-232 case Corsair TX-750
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    Xigmatek AM2/AM3 bracket in stock in USA at the egg

    The ATI775 bracket is finally in stock so all the xiggy users like me can mount our heatsinks correctly without blocking memory slots. I'm excited that it's finally available stateside and wanted to share. :D
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    Shattered Horizon

    I was in the beta, I agree with the general sentiment that the game is not very good. Didn't hold my interest, not very fun at all.
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    nVidia/ATi need to serve it to Rockstar (GTA IV)

    I agree, and for the hard core pc gamer unfortunately that means games like Peggle, Diner Dash and the Sims2 are entry level games now a days. I know a ton of people, many admittedly female who adore flash web based games or other simple "addictive" games that look like products of the mid...
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    Overclocking w/ DFI boards... (is it really that hard?)

    I just jumped from an Ultra-D to the DK P35 board. While there are many more BIOS options, you have to keep in mind that they are "optional". To achieve a basic OC all you really need to do is change around 5-10 bios settings at most, nothing any more challenging than the NF4 line of DFI...
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    Motherboards with no legacy bullcrap

    I remember a few years back when Abit released a line of "legacy free" boards without PS/2 or Serial and Parallel. Everyone threw a fit because they wouldn't run their perfectly modern IDE drives or uber l337 PS/2 gaming mice. Same thing is happening right now. The number of people who...