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    Tried everything! Random shutdowns and black screens - Need help!

    DDR4 RAM can pass tests most of the time and still be bad. If you have two sticks, try one stick at a time and use the computer normally. I wouldn't be surprised if one of the sticks if bad.
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    The Birth Of The YouTube

    That was the original point of YouTube. You create your own "TV" channel with your own "TV" shows. That's why it's called YouTube.
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    A recent Windows update is locking up some PCs, here’s a temporary fix

    Antivirus programs are cancer. They do nothing but cause problems.
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    DOOM Co-creator John Romero Teases New Game

    5 Gum: The Movie: The Game
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    Your 1440p Monitor Could Be Using a 4K Panel

    What monitors do this? I doubt this is true. If any monitor did this, it would be obvious and people would be complaining.
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    Is Chrome brighter (targeting lower than 2.2) compared to win10 viewer or other browsers?

    The problem is Lagom's images have embedded sRGB profiles, and sRGB uses linear gamma for the darkest shades (it's not 2.2). Chrome displays sRGB images correctly if your monitor is calibrated and assigned the proper color profile. Lagom has the images without color profiles embedded here...
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    AMD Eyefinity HDMI Freesync Question (Variable Refresh Test?)

    Make sure to set the refresh rate to 75 Hz before running the demo. FreeSync is capped at whatever the current refresh rate is, so if the refresh rate is set to 60 Hz, you will be limited to 48-60 Hz. If you can't set the refresh rate to 75 Hz with the adapters, try my pixel clock patch...
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    AMD Eyefinity HDMI Freesync Question (Variable Refresh Test?)

    Make sure the fps is within the FreeSync range. You can set a custom fps range in the demo. The SE2717H is only 48-75 Hz, so it doesn't even support LFC to handle less than 48 fps.
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    AMD Eyefinity HDMI Freesync Question (Variable Refresh Test?)

    The Pendulum demo works with FreeSync. The demo doesn't have an option for FreeSync, but FreeSync will work if it's enabled in Radeon Settings. If FreeSync is working, there won't be any tearing with "No VSync" selected. This is more noticeable with the bars test pattern.
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    After 10 Years, I’ve Finally Accepted That “Half-Life” Is Dead

    "After 10 Years" What comes after 10? 11 11 is binary for 3 Half-Life 3 confirmed
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    DMCA Used to Remove Ad Server URL from Blocklist

    DMCA takedown requests are not law. Anyone can send them. You are not required to respond to them. This would not hold up in court . . . I hope.
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    miniDP > DVI-D adapter: 2560x1600 @60HZ

    The $10 Monoprice adapter is definitely not dual-link. It only happens to work at 2560x1440 @ 60 Hz with some monitors that accept out of spec single-link DVI signals. This one should work at 2560x1600 @ 60 Hz with dual-link DVI...
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    President-Elect Meets With Silicon Valley Elite

    Hey guys, what's going on in this thr...
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    Acer XR341CK Freesync owners thread

    Yes, but I don't know if this monitor can handle other ranges.
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    Acer XR341CK Freesync owners thread

    Make sure to include the range limits using the "Edit..." button at the top. You can also edit the FreeSync range that way. CRU 1.2.5 now includes the range limits by default if the min/max horizontal values match and certain conditions required for FreeSync are met in the default EDID...