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    Hidden gems on Steam?

    Bulletstorm (not really hidden, but still most awesome dialog, about 9 hours worth of gameplay) Craft the World (hated Terraria, loved this for ~30 hours) DarkStar One (dated but decently deep gameplay) The Fall (#awesome, 3 hours to play through) TIS-100 (simple yet challenging, fun game!) To...
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    X-COM 2 Looks really good. Is it worth the $60

    Good point, with hardware it's buy and hold, rather than wait and buy. I am now running an i7-2600k, 16 GB of RAM, and a GTX 780 powering a 27" 1440p. Not entirely sure when I bought the CPU/RAM/Mobo, but it most certainly has been years. The 780 is a little younger, but equally at least 2-3...
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    X-COM 2 Looks really good. Is it worth the $60

    You say you can, and I say that I don't have to. One of us keeps more disposable income in his pocket. Winning an argument tied to income won't work on the Internet, we are all Physicians and Lawyers on here, some of us are both, and some can even prove it, which in the end proves nothing...
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    X-COM 2 Looks really good. Is it worth the $60

    Confirming that consumers who wait for deep discounts during Steam sales support piracy! You Sir are a genius and your reasoning ability is bar none for having finally figured it out! Please continue to keep paying $60 for a game so I can keep laughing all the way to the bank, I do...
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    Is The Price Of A Video Game Really Right?

    As long as chumps pay $60 for a game the price of it is perfectly right. Don't like it? Vote with your wallet.
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    X-COM 2 Looks really good. Is it worth the $60

    No game is worth $60 to me, simply because you can often get it a week later for $40, and if you are OK with waiting a few months (and who can't wait, we all have huge Steam backlogs of games purchased but never played) then you can get it for pennies on the dollar. Chumps pay $60 so that...
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    Zuckerberg: Facebook Will Have 5 Billion Users By 2030

    FB is a Millennials thing (and a Baby Boomers who want to be cool, Gen X skipped it), if you look at teenagers today, then you will find a whole bunch of them don't give a shit about FB. So where exactly is Sugarmountain going to get his 5 B users ...
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    Windows Phone Is Dead

    All MS needs is to support Cisco AnyConnect and Cisco Jabber and they would be selling a bunch of phones. The iPhones and Androids are like Photoshop, great software and total overkill if you just want to crop vacation pics. Really awesome that iOS/Android can do everything and then some, but...
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    Rainbow Six: Siege Patch Addresses Cheating

    The ban won't do much. R6 has a flawed engine that's wide open to exploits. Google for ArtificalAiming and you'll see what I mean. The only people who get banned are those who use less than professional cheats. Helios framework users can't be detected by the system. That's been true ever...
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    Remote Support source out there?

    One more vote for Screen Connect. Deployed to close to 10k devices and works flawlessly. Cost is completely negligible when using the site license option.
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    Gadget Makes $10 Headphones Sound Like $200 Headphones

    Upon closer inspection your device failed the "goes to 11" test. Sorry mate!
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    Seagate: Hard Disk Drives Set To Stay Relevant For 20 Years

    What most all of you don't realize is that PCs don't matter when it comes to any of these statements. Seagate doesn't give a fuck about your Windows drive, you and it are irrelevant to them. Many (most?) enterprises have more spinning disks in the data centers than they have PCs in the...
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    Satya Nadella Admits Microsoft’s Phone Share Is Unsustainable

    I understand what you are saying and I don't disagree that it's super awesome for your wife that she can see some background image. For a business user though the background image doesn't matter. Display real estate is extremely limited and shouldn't be taken up by fluff that adds no value...
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    10k rpm SAS drives dead?

    Looking to build three 50 TB raw storage nodes for a test environment. Had mind set on 10k rpm SAS drives, came to find out that there only appears one viable model (1.2 TB Seagate, see which...
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    Satya Nadella Admits Microsoft’s Phone Share Is Unsustainable

    Eh? It's the other way around. The WP UI and this UX is far superior to Android and iOS. While I can agree that the perception of whether the UI & UX is good is somewhat relative, let me point to use of display real estate. Both Android and iOS waste huge amounts of display space on...