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    Where to get vSphere Web Client 6.0

    I'm running this currently.. without vSphere
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    LastPass Bought By LogMeIn For $110 Million

    I was a LastPass user up until yesterday, switched to 1Password. I do not trust any company (especially LogMeIn) who have shareholder to treat LastPass as its previous owners did...
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    Streaming from an external Drive & other things

    Plex can do this -
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    Apache Reverse Proxy and Custom Error Documents

    This Is what i have for custom error pages
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    Apache Reverse Proxy with SSL

    I run a reverse proxy with no issues to access my media servers easily. Config: My question is a lot of the media servers have built in SSL capabilities. Is it better connect to my proxy over HTTPS than go have my proxy direct me to the...
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    Need Av for Mac

    We use sophos in our school district, works well.
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    Chromecast 2014: An Open SDK, Big International Plans

    Local media playing is there is Plex Media Center
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    Apache2 Reverse Proxy Rewrite help

    OK. Part 2 of this request. My unraid server has a file at that passes thru all the commands to restart server, change anything, etc... So its requesting thru I don't want to pass all root files thru to Is there a proxy...
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    Apache2 Reverse Proxy Rewrite help

    Thanks! I ended up using a combination of both ProxyPass ProxyPassReverse Redirect 301 /Shares /unraid/Shares # Ouput html from proxy filter SetOutputFilter proxy-html...
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    Apache2 Reverse Proxy Rewrite help

    You may, and how would I go about implementing that ;)
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    Apache2 Reverse Proxy Rewrite help

    Thanks for the help. One last question. I also have ProxyPasses for other services running on different IPs/Ports in the same default document. How to I put in the rewrite without having it effect those?
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    Apache2 Reverse Proxy Rewrite help

    <Location /unraid> ProxyPass http://IPADDRESS:8008/ ProxyPassReverse http://IPADDRESS:8008/ </Location> <Location /Main> ProxyPass http://IPADDRESS:8008/Main ProxyPassReverse http://IPADDRESS:8008/Main </Location> <Location /plugins> ProxyPass...
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    Apache2 Reverse Proxy Rewrite help

    I do have mod proxy installed. It works great at the I just want it to work at
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    Apache2 Reverse Proxy Rewrite help

    Right now I have my unraid server behind my proxy so I only have port 80 open to the world. The downfall is my unraid is a, and so on. I want to move it to and I have dug through the man pages...
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    2TB WD Green HDD $80 at best buy

    They are 64mb