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    connecting my wife's S5 to our WiFi kills all other connections

    I installed dd-wrt on it... 1st thing, when I got it home X many years ago (whenever it was). ANYWAY... update! My wife took her S5 w/her down to a girls' weekend getaway, & she had to turn off her WiFi while she was at the house because, you guessed it, she kept kicking every other...
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    connecting my wife's S5 to our WiFi kills all other connections

    Good suggestion. It's got the ability to create a fully isolated guest network, but I only had to create a new wireless vlan for her (bridged, even) & she's happily connected on her own little space (& I'm still happily connected on mine). More of a workaround than a solution, but hey... :cool:
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    connecting my wife's S5 to our WiFi kills all other connections

    I use an ASUS RT-N16 w/dd-wrt as my house router. I routinely have 4 devices on its wireless. This is the scenario (which has only just started happening recently): my wife will connect her S5 to the WiFi at home the S5 will report connected every other device on the WiFi that is handy...
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    Windows Server 2012 on ESXi keep losing network connection

    Just wanted to post here for visibility, because we experienced the same issue, and changing the adapter worked for us as well. So, thanks. VM initially was installed with default options which gave the machine an e1000E network adapter network adapter listed in devmgr as Intel 82574L...
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    Next chipset? On-board graphics?

    Colleague & I were just chatting about our plans for future office purchases & we realized that the 9-series chipsets don't support on-board graphics at all. This led to a discussion of whether or not AMD was going to shift to only supporting on-board graphics solutions for the APU line of...
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    Bulldozer: Stores are stocked!

    Just poked around Newegg & couldn't find any clues. I've already got the remainder of my wishlist done to build 2 rigs... just need those 8150s...
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    FS - Phenom combo/Cowon/Audigy/Viewsonic

    Updated listing. Mods can edit thread title if desired.
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    FS - Phenom combo/Cowon/Audigy/Viewsonic

    Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS (SB0350) - $30 Cowon D2 4GB + NIB Transcend 8GB Class 6 SDHC (TS8GSDHC6) - $80 Rubberized running case + strap available if desired Yes, everything works. Will ship Cowon in retail packaging. Heat under this nickname. It's been quite a while since I've tried to...
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    Hybrid CrossFire and multiple monitors

    Yo Myrandex. Yeah. We discussed that matter further in this thread.
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    Win2K3 RRAS to share VPN connection?

    Long story short, there is no way for Vista 64 to play nice with our Cisco PIX. Soooo... I'm trying to setup my Win2K3 server to host a permanent VPN connection to work, then have all the clients on my home LAN route through my server when needed. My home server does AD/DNS/DHCP/file & print...
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    GA-MA790GP-DS4H (790GX) Megathread

    Hey OP, are you using stock cooling?
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    When is the 790GX coming out?

    I was wondering where the [H] 4870X2 review was yesterday... heh. I've done my Vista 64 install on my M3A78-T, & will be posting my experiences today. I'll update this thread when I do.
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    790FX+SB750 is here (FXFXFXFXFXFXFX)

    Hehe... Good point. I'm also still holding out hope that AMD somehow implements some iteration of nVidia's "hybrid power" function, too.
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    790FX+SB750 is here (FXFXFXFXFXFXFX)

    Yeah, shraz; pretty much. I understand why there's an $80 premium, but my point is that it's likely not worth it for the majority of users out there. Which is why I said: I don't want to drag this out or anything; but I think I stand with many of the reviewers who've also been confused as...
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    790FX+SB750 is here (FXFXFXFXFXFXFX)

    Errmm... no. The 790GX also has the SB750.