Win2K3 RRAS to share VPN connection?


May 15, 2002
Long story short, there is no way for Vista 64 to play nice with our Cisco PIX. Soooo... I'm trying to setup my Win2K3 server to host a permanent VPN connection to work, then have all the clients on my home LAN route through my server when needed. My home server does AD/DNS/DHCP/file & print.

Here's what I've done so far:
  • configured RRAS with a demand dial interface for my work VPN
  • set it up as a LAN & demand-dial router
  • added a static route to RRAS with (I believe) the correct destination/network mask set to the VPN interface
  • correctly configured the VPN connection (successfully manually connected)
  • added the same static route to my DHCP server scope options using the classless static route option

Like I said, I've successfully connected the VPN interface on the server manually, but on neither the server nor the clients can I actually access my work network resources. I've released/renewed my client IP so that it shows the static route in the route table:

destination : netmask : gateway : interface : metric
worknetwork : worknetmask : homeserverIP : clientIP : 11

Also, in the same route table, the default gateway (my Linksys) goes to the same interface with a metric of 10.

When I trace-route to my work network from the client, it skips my home server entirely & goes straight to my Linksys. When I try to use work network resources on my server with the VPN demand-dial interface connected, nothing happens.

I know I have to be missing something simple here, but it's the first time I've tried this, & I've got limited experience. Any help would be appreciated.