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    The 2016 Vaporware Awards

    No one would still be alive after that many wings and burgers.
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    Microsoft To Appeal UK 'SkyDrive' Ruling

    If you have to have some grudge against Sky, it is that it is owned by Murdoch.
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    The How And Where Of Fireworks Injuries

    Those percentages are 101% of the injuries. Go wonder.
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    Sony Still Not Answering DRM and Used Games Questions

    Well, considering that the movie has a 2-hout length (maybe 4, if you watch it 2 times) and CoD has a 8 hour single player game length, which means you should be entertained for 4x more time, a 3x price increase sounds fair. And this is not considering that there is a multiplayer element which...
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    Germany: Xbox One Is A Monitoring Device

    You could also stream it with Skype to your friends... :rolleyes:
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    Germany: Xbox One Is A Monitoring Device

    You could just turn Kinect off.
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    The Death Of The DIY PC Is The Death Of The PC

    So am I, although I'm 34. but you know what, more and more I suggest people get notebooks or pcs from OEMs, instead of suggesting assembling them (the exception when it is a gaming or high powered PC). For non-enthusiasts, OEM, with their warranties and services are a much better option for them.
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    An Android Phone Can Hijack An Airplane?

    From the article, his framework needs to be deployed to the plane's system. But nowhere says how that deployment is made.
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    Xbox Live Account Helps Immigrant Stay In The U.S.

    They do, but considering that between countries in the EU you can move freely and that many countries do have immigration progams for former colonies citizens, they are quite open.
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    Microsoft Surface Pro Sales Hit 400K In A Hurry

    IIRC, the Surface Pro has been sold out since its launch, which means that they are probably having manufacturing issues and would be able to sell more if they were available.
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    Fake Fingers Used To Fool Hospital Biometric Scanners

    Fingerprint biometrics and authentication is the easiest to fool biometrics. There are much harder ones, like vein matching and retinal scan that are much more difficult to fool and require the person there to do the authentication, as they require blood flow to autheticate. But most...
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    Fake Fingers Used To Fool Hospital Biometric Scanners

    This sort of fraud is quite common in Brazil.
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    Your Facebook Likes Reveal Your Age, Gender and Ethnicity?

    There is a case study in Data Mining regarding how using data mining technics Walmart was able to find a patern that allowed them to move beer six-packs near diapers and had a 30% improvement on sales. All because they found out a pattern where men buying diapers also bought beer.
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    PS4 Will Out-Power Most PCs For Years To Come

    Well, if Steam boxes will be on par with the Xi3 Piston ($1k, worse specs and less AAA games), then they won't stand a chance against consoles.
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    Icahn Demands Dell Pay $16B Dividend To Avert Fight

    Dell made the mistake of telling everyone in advance he would do this. He should had kept it as a secret up until closer to the buyout, so ill-intende opportunists like this guy wouldn't be able to do stuff like this.