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    AMD Failure rates

    Wow, these replies to overclocking. 95% do not overclock? 90% of HardOCP members overclock. I can make up numbers too! I do not care who makes the card, I will buy the best possible card for the money. If AMD put out a better product I would buy it. Fact of the matter is, if you want the top...
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    AMD Failure rates

    "Slight" lol. Let's be serious, we all overclock here and max overclock to overclock a 980ti beats a Fury X by about 25-35%. That is not "Slight"
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    NVIDIA using intimidation tactics against Oxide

    Except I have two machines. One with a 980ti that was fully watercooled and another that had a 290x (That machine got the Fury X and now has a 980ti as well) Both my Watercooled and Aircooled 980ti's hit 1500 pretty easy.
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    NVIDIA using intimidation tactics against Oxide

    Actually, no there was not. I was duped by AMD, I made a informed decision based on what they said, they lied. End of story.
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    NVIDIA using intimidation tactics against Oxide

    No, you bought a 290x because you are poor and on a budget (looking at rest of hardware in sig confirms it) I will never buy a AMD again after conning me into buying a Fury saying it is a overclockers dream and showing slides of it over a 980TI. Turns out it is one of the worst overclockers...
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    Fury X voltage control coming soon

    I know for one I will never buy a AMD card because of the comments saying it would be a Overclocking Beast. I bought one and returned it promptly and bought a 980ti that overclocks to 1500~ and literally destroys a Fury X that is overclocked. Overclocking like a beast to me does not mean that...
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    Please help me not hate Freesync

    I tried both and gsync looks much much much more fluid... to be honest I think you are just used to gsync..
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    fury non x vs 980 gtx

    Get a 980. Can overclock much higher and overclock to overclock is faster than the Fury and cheaper.
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    AMD Fury Series is here. Discussion thread.

    Gsync is far superior in every way but price. At max overclock on each a 980ti is about 20% faster. Must suck to be loyal to only one company you end up with inferior stuff. I only buy the best no matter the maker.
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    AMD Fury series coming soon.

    Wow, this card.... Such a dissapointment. Slower then a 980TI and sucks at overclocking. Why would anyone buy this over a TI? The built in cooling?
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    AMD Fury series coming soon.

    Your post history praising AMD at every turn is embarasing. You remind me of the console kids. People who can afford it buy it regardless of if it is AMD or Nvidia. People who jump on one side are normally poor and can not afford to not have the best bang for the buck. As someone who buys the...
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    390X coming soon few weeks

    No it is not, not even close. A 290x is about the same as a 970, a 780ti beats it. Nvidia has 6 cards that beat a 290x. 780ti, Titan Black, 970,980,980ti and Titan X
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    Got a 390x, what do you want to see?

    Huh? The 780ti, Titan black, 970, 980 Titan x and 980TI all beat the best 290x.
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    Post your GTX 980 TI Overclock Results

    Zotac 980Ti with Titan X waterblock on it 1.275 voltage bios from 121% power limit Always boost 7900 mem 1540 clock Max out about 45 degree's with fans on my rad on low
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    FreeSync Review

    Thats a AMD slide and if you read the article he said it is totally wrong. The performance is horrible, straight up.