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    Gtx 1060 3gb to much for a Q6600 ?

    I do agree, partially. 6 GB variant is definitely the way to go, if budget allows. No question there. But in reality, at least going by what is presently available in the gaming world, if a game is going to be limited by the 3 GB vram, of the 1060, it will be at a point where 1060 is already...
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    Gtx 1060 3gb to much for a Q6600 ?

    So you have plans to upgrade your CPU as well, in the not-so-distant future. Since a full upgrade is imminent, buying the 1060 sounds like a great move to me. In fact, if your budget allows you to, I would urge you to at least have a look at some of the 6gb models. Even if you do not though...
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    Twitch Troll Loses $50,000

    I read the article and I believe the title is misleading. For one, calling the boy a troll may be far from the truth. Perhaps he intended to chargeback all streamers, but this is just a guess for the most part. Chargeback was made only towards a particular streamer. But, hey, the word troll...
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    What 'fall' releases are you anticipating?

    Is that so difficult? I just started playing DOOM, did I have to read your spoiler and get the story ruined? Should every single one of the guys that posted about games here go on and throw a spoiler or two? For shame...
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    Some Guy Owns 5,000 Games On Steam

    In all fairness, gathering a truckload of games is not necessarily as expensive as it seems nor is it always intentional. I sit at 1700+ at the moment, but the way PC market works makes it almost impossible not to get tons of games you will never play. Example given, I remember many many times...
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    The End Of Work?

    What exactly means to be lazy? We tend to deify the concept of work, the way we presume is right, and judge all of our actions, or lack of actions, based on how closely one follows it or not. If one is not working but has hobbies, likes to run or to paint or to cook or to just enjoy living...
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    How many old farts here stil play pc games?

    I am 34. The first game I remember seeing was Elite on zx spectrum. It is funny how I can recall watching my father and uncle play and even though I do remember how the game looked and I do remember how excited they were to actually pilot a space ship (just a single digit number of lines of...
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    Bundlestars 9 games on sale for $1.99

    Amazing value for money.
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    Shadow Complex Remastered free for PC

    Been playing it for hours today. It all started innocently enough. The plan was to get it, install it, and keep it in my library for well I don't know, a rainy day perhaps? Why do we keep these huge backlogs I mean... anyway. To the point. It is a nice port nothing stellar -and it doesn't need...
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    Darksiders - Deathinitive Edition - Or how to screw your most loyal customers over.

    It is one of the rare occasions that I feel genuinely irritated and find myself posting and reposting on the Steam forums. Nordic released that -frankly- minor upgrade and decided that everybody who own the franchise pack will get it for free. The franchise pack of course was something that...
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    Descent Underground 17% off on Steam. - Warm?

    I played Sublevel Zero for several hours, and also tried to play Descent Underground. Being the huge Descent fan that I am, it saddens me to say that at this point Sublevel Zero is ten times better.
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    Internet Growth Slows; Most People Still Offline

    The internet is not a on the same level, of course it isn't, of need like food and water. Obviously. But, and that is a big but (I like big buts), it is something everyone should have access to. Take a good look at the world around you, and you will understand that the advantage of someone who...
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    Three Ways Women Unlearn Their Love Of Video Games

    Video games are most of all and above all the love for different the thirst to be to see to live things. Things you could and things you couldn't in real life. If that makes any sense at all. That my friends is a genderless feeling. It really doesn't matter how you picture any man or any...
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    Path of Exile

    This whole complete rebalance of everything is seriously getting on my nervers. It turned me off from this game in the past, and I find out that it still kind of does. Rebalance does not mean completely wiping and rendering every build so far unplayable. Companies got that extremely wrong, GGG...