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    Bell Canada to Stop Throttling Your P2P Traffic

    Maybe because they want to make more money by getting more customers. Networks always assign more bandwith than what they actually have. Maybe they increased it to a point what they assign they actually have and more.
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    Stupid Criminals of the Day

    Criminal Records do destroy futures
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    10 Most Hated Movies of 2011

    Green Lantern. Ryan Reynolds destroying Paralax. Ryan Reynolds was Paralax. Another great Hollywood f-up.
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    Stupid Criminals of the Day

    Not stupid just kids not knowing better. To them bragging is still kewl
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    AMD Radeon HD 7970 Video Card Review @ [H]

    Looks good. Now only if they can do the same with their drivers
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    Flawed input lag testing methods exposed

    Games have input lag of their own as well
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    3 dead monitors in 2 months, the common link, a 4850x2

    Sounds like the powersupplies of the monitors is damaged. I will have a look at your power output as there might be something wrong. Have you send one of the screens back to the manufacturer and hear what they have to say what's wrong with the screen?
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    How to get rid of this dreaded password on my blackberry?

    Just enter the wrong password 10 times and it will reset. That's if you forgot the password. If you want to flash or unlock it and its password protected then there's a file called virus.bin that you can use with mfi loader
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    I doubt AT&T LTE is this fast!

    In the end its still mobile broadband. Fake internet with data almost twice as much data usage due to sending out more roundtrips and there's no privacy on it. Then mobile providers signal ack even before the connection is fully established. The device can be how fast your still limited by your...
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    CUDA going Open Source

    At its heart is CUDA C which is compiled with NVIDIA’s compiler (nvcc – based on the Open64 back-end). To be clear, CUDA C is not C – it is a variant of C with extensions.
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    AMD 7000 series specs leaked

    please read this
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    DX11 no longer works, possible RMA?

    Check your drivers
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    Anyone with 2GB VRAM+ get microstuttering in BF3 with 4x MSAA?

    Op but you still have only 1.2gb Vram. Sli or CF the Gpus are still being seen as two separate Gpus rather than one big rendering engine. Try and lower some of the settings.
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    The Future of Free Energy?

    There's nothing that's free in this world. Somehow we will end up paying for it
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    1,000 Chinese Workers Strike at Apple and IBM Supplier

    Wow thats a lot of deportations