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    New ATI Catalyst Profile (April 7th)

    sweeeet thanks! gonna go try bfbc2!
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    ATI to fix poor tessalation performance?!

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    Is Eyefinity + Crossfire Possible?

    So I sold my 2nd 5870, running just 1 @ about half the frame as crossfire but plays 2x smoother.
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    Bad Company 2 @ 5760x1200 on 5870?

    BC2 crossfire eyefinity is broken. You get great fps but it feels laggy unless you go back to 1 card or just 1 monitor. There are a few threads here and more on widescreengamingforum with this same problem. Dont make the same mistake I did and blow 400$ on a second card, 150$ on a bigger power...
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    Who overclocks their HD 5870?

    @ stock voltage around 940-960 on both my XFX 5870's, I cant touch the memory, even 1210 causes problems. If I max out @ 1.350 then I can get around 1070mhz but the fan needs to be around 80-90% to keep it below 85c
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    Is Eyefinity + Crossfire Possible?

    ^ just did some testing. In crossfire or single card with single monitor, vsync gave BC2 mouse feel a nasty "lag" feeling Ive felt in most games when vsync is turned on. I like my mouse at 2000dpi and 75% in windows, twitchy if you will, and vsync is always a no for me. If i maxed out the...
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    MSI Big Bang Fuzion 1156, two x16 crossfire?

    I cant seem to find a clear answer, if I pick up this board can I use my two 5870's in Ati crossfire (not hydra) @ x16/x16 pcix? or would it be x8/x8 like my current MSI gd65? Thanks guys!
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    Is Eyefinity + Crossfire Possible?

    ^ nice! Its good to finally see someone else having the same problem with crossfire eyefinity and bc2 feeling crappy unless you have 120+ fps. I almost made the trip to frys to pick up a x58 board and i9 for the two x16 lanes, lot of money to throw around on a possible fix tho :(
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    Is Eyefinity + Crossfire Possible?

    ^ p55 both slots running at x8 2.0 according to gpuz. I have 1 5870 pushing my 3x1080 and I have to have everything on low to get the 90-120 fps I like out of a single card, and thats OC'd to 1050mhz. With 2 cards I can get double the fps almost exactly, just feels slower and more "stutter"
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    Is Eyefinity + Crossfire Possible?

    ^ dang it I was almost about to go find my second bridge. Makes me feel better I'm not the only one turning off crossfire because of this. Some games don't seem bad, dirt2 seems fine and smooth.
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    Is Eyefinity + Crossfire Possible?

    x2. Picked up a second 5870 (off craigslist so no return :mad:) in the hopes of turning up BC2 on my 3x1080p eyefinity setup. Sure I get double the framerate but it feels super laggy and even at 100fps doesn't feel as smooth as a single card at 60, I have to be pushing 120fps to get that same...
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    New Radeons -- Triple monitor, no eyefinity possible without DP?

    ^ only needs to be active if you want eyefinity. The 30$ one on newegg is active and I use it for gaming in eyefinity at 1080p x3
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    Its late, hot, underpowered, needs 2 much power, but has new dx support!

    ummm maybe reread? I cant figure out where you went wrong. This thread is a lighthearted trip down memory lane when ATi release a card a little late that underperformed and was hot. O and also had sweet flames and I agree I wish more cards had transparent covers like that, i dig it. I feel like...
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    Its late, hot, underpowered, needs 2 much power, but has new dx support!

    "Its late, hot, underpowered, needs 2 much power, but has new dx support!" was referring to the 2900xt not fermi. I'm very aware there are MANY differences one of many being fermi is actually faster that the competition, another being its Red and has flames....calm down boys was just havin a laugh.