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    So, I finally ordered parts for my first WC build!

    I didnt use the backplate when I put the EK block on. Looks like it traps heat anyways.
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    So, I finally ordered parts for my first WC build!

    You can get normal barb fittings and save a lot of money, the compression/rotary fittings are like $7-15 a pop. I've reused the same bitspower compression fittings for like 3-4 builds though, so you buy them once, and you can reuse them forever. I have the G1 EK block also, it's very nice...
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    What is the best software to test overclock stability on Skylake CPU's?

    I started using Realbench to stress test.. Seems like P95 and intelburn test stress things that one will never stress other than using those programs. RealBench v2.43 - New Version Available Now!
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    well I tried to buy a new 1080

    Judging from the couple of G1 Gaming reviews, I think youll be happy with it.
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    well I tried to buy a new 1080

    Don't think I've seen a single review of the G1 1080 gaming that said the fans were loud or inadequate. Did you just make that up or what ?
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    Installed gtx1080 sli. Computer crawls after exiting games.

    What some colored tubing and compression's would do to that build. ;)
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    WC build done... well mostly..

    Yep, really 0 point in using inferior colored coolant over distilled with solid tubing like that. Last time i used a colored coolant, i had to take every water cooling piece out during the rebuild, and wash the shit out because it kept dying my distilled water a tint of red because some of the...
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    Where to buy water cooling parts?

    Have any of you guys actually ordered from sidewinder within the past few months? I've seen bad reports as of January, aside from my own where they didn't send me $15 worth of screws and never replied to my emails. Didn't care enough to file a claim as I've never had any problem with them prior.
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    Official Acer [XB270HU] 27" 1440p 144Hz G-Sync IPS ULMB Monitor Thread

    Holy f, that shipping. I would definitely email them about that crap.
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    Comcast's New Broadband Service Is Twice As Fast As Google Fiber

    I'm averaging $30-50 a month in overage charges currently with comcast . How the hell can they offer 5 different tiers of speed, all capped at 300gb no matter what. Such bs. Good thing I'm in Nashville, our city is ready to give comcast the boot for google fiber.
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    Official Acer [XB270HU] 27" 1440p 144Hz G-Sync IPS ULMB Monitor Thread

    That price is really nice, considering I have to pay redic sales tax on amazon and newegg.
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    Tri-Sli Questions

    I think sidewinder is having issues now as well. I ordered a few things in december, and got one of my items with an email saying the rest were backordered and would be shipped within a week, never heard from him again. Didnt care enough to file a claim on $14 worth of back ordered stuff since...
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    EK GPU block leaking

    Did you open the block when you got it? How old is the block? Those o-rings are a royal pain in the ass to put on correctly when I tried to do it. You could try tightening the screws near where it is leaking or order a new o-ring and replace it if its damaged.
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    60% board for FPS and finally learning to touch type...

    Id wait a month or 2 if you are going the poker route. The pok3r (poker 3) is coming out soon.
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    CaseLabs s5 + Pedestal water cooling questions

    So let me get this straight, you are going to have a a triple, and 2 double radiators to cool ONE cpu and ONE gpu? That's some serious overkill. Im cooling all of that with 2 double radiators, and I am pretty sure I could add at least another 970 to the loop with barely any increase in temps.