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    Ryzen 2600 defective?

    I had a new ryzen 2600 and asrock b450m board that would boot loop every 30 seconds with no video signal. Never beeped. I swapped graphics cards and power supplies with no success .I removed all ram sticks and it would still boot loop. The only thing that made any difference was if I unplugged...
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    Asrock B450M PRO4 boot loop

    Just put together my first build in years. Of course it doesn't go as planned. Boot loops every 30 seconds. Sounds like a jet engine with the corsair maglev fans at 100%. No video signal. No beeps. ASRock B450M pro4 microatx Ryzen 2600 2x8gb 3000mhz ram Rtx 2080 Seasonic 650w platinum So I've...
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    Wifi adapter what would be the ideal speed?

    Hey thanks! Will do.
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    Wifi adapter what would be the ideal speed?

    What's wrong with usb? Yeah I was thinking of pcie too.
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    Wifi adapter what would be the ideal speed?

    I have an asus router that does ac1750. I'm trying to find a good usb wifi adapter for my pc. What would be the real world max I can expect? My best result has been a laptop with a socketed intel 9560 that got 50MB/s to my NAS over SMBv3, which is all I really care about accessing.
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    AMD or Intel for sff gaming build thermals?

    Trying to find the best CPU for a sff gaming build with limited thermal headroom. I want it as cool and quiet as possible and don't plan to overclock. I am also only interested in 4k60fps. I know I can get by with a low end 4-core CPU and still have performance to spare, but a high clocked...
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    Cheapest cpu to pair with rtx 2070 or rtx 2080 for 4k60

    The most important component for gaming is the graphics card and the second is the cpu. But since 4k60 is heavily gpu bottlenecked and the cpu is usually sitting there not doing much, what is the cheapest cpu you can buy that can still handle the load for "most" games at 4k60? (ignoring the...
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    Such thing as budget 4k 60fps?

    I had a laptop with a gtx 1080 and also an egpu with a gtx 1080 at one point Neither could do 4k smoothly even on medium. Now I'm looking into a dedicated pc instead. I've bern hearing what a big performance jump the rtx cards are and that we can finally get true 4k gaming at 60fps. I was...
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    shorted fan header with multimeter and it won't work anymore

    It's a small board inside an egpu. It's at a corner and used to power two small side fans. It's only two pin so no pwm. They measure 12v but nothing I plug in turns on.
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    Quieter fan for flex power supply

    It's a small form factor pc with all the same restrictions. Please find a hole to crawl back into.
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    shorted fan header with multimeter and it won't work anymore

    I was checking the voltages on a fan header on the mainboard of an egpu enclosure. I accidentally shorted it by touching the multimeter ends together. There was a little spark and the enclosure shut down. I turned it back on and everything seems okay, including the video card, but the fan header...
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    Quieter fan for flex power supply

    I'm trying to find a quiet replacement fan for a 450w flex power supply inside an egpu. It's 40x20mm at 12v. The fan header is voltage regulated and idles at 5v and goes up to 7v. The problem is I've tried two fans now (one is a scythe) and both cannot start at 5v. I can make them start spinning...
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    Can I use nas with already formatted disks?

    No raid. Just storage. Ntfs. One volume Really simple.
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    Can I use nas with already formatted disks?

    I have a qnap nas and put two drives in already full of stuff from my windows machine. Can I just use them as is?
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    Re-using old drives for storage

    So I have some older hard drives I want to wipe, test for any errors, and properly format to be used for basic storage. Can I get a quick rundown of what all I should be doing? I want to make sure the drives are in good working order.