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    The Samsung QLED q90a will be released in a 43" model.

    I just tested with this image and it does distort the white on black text at the top screen only. I didn't notice a difference on the black on white text. So the issue is real and can be seen in this specific test, but I don't think its something that should sway people from buying this display...
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    The Samsung QLED q90a will be released in a 43" model.

    I downloaded the test pattern and my screen is not showing this issue. Honestly though, even if it did, the guy zoomed in on text that is like 1/8" tall. I wouldn't notice at the 3-4' i sit from the screen and it doesn't show during web browsing. Maybe its a clear type/scaling issue? I don't...
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    The Samsung QLED q90a will be released in a 43" model.

    I own the 43QN90B, it is 144hz. I almost bought the Gigabyte when it was on sale, but got this instead. I've had it about 3 weeks and I'm pretty happy with it. It is insanely bright and the local dimming is pretty great in my experience. I was also concerned about text with the BGR panel, but I...
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    GIGABYTE AORUS FV43U 43 inch 4k 144 HDR1000 QLED monitor

    Just noticed this is 699 on amazon. That seems like exceptional value, nothing in the price range comes close. Just waiting to see what the samsung 43qn90b offers before I pull the trigger, but at 1199, it better be a lot better.
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    FV43U or QN90A / QN90B?

    very interested to see how this fares vs. the c2 42" and other options like the FV43U.
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    Sony 2021 TV Lineup

    I'm gonna grab one of these his weekend to dick around with and compare to my old samsung ju6500. The demo unit at best buy looked really good in person, very vibrant colors and great contrast. It should be a decent upgrade in all areas except pixel structure. If it ends up sucking, I will...
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    2016 Vizio P Series

    From the images he posted, it looks like his chroma test is scaled compared to's pixel perfect image. Hard to imagine he could be that dense, but the evidence is pretty damning in my eyes. Posters later in the thread attacking's integrity is pretty sad. I've had my eye on...
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    Vizio 43" 4k M43-C1

    I had the 43" for a day and it did 1080p120 with some sync issues(random black screen for a second). This is definitely not a suitable display for a main monitor, 4:2:2 on the vizio looks pretty bad compared to 4:2:2 on the samsung. The only good things for this display are the input lag and...
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    New Samsung 4k for everyone.

    Try it with chrome, firefox fails this for me also. Pass or fail though you will be able to see the pwm artifacts below 20 backlight.
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    New Samsung 4k for everyone.

    Yeah, I can confirm there is indeed 3-4 lines with backlight at 12 and 1 line with backlight at 20(max). So I recalibrated game mode for 100% backlight setting, surprisingly it isn't painfully bright, and left pc mode at 12 for web use. After gaming for a bit I've noticed a big difference in...
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    New Samsung 4k for everyone.

    Eyes are fine, thanks though. I'm just trying to help people figure out why they are having a bad experience, there is no need for your insulting comments. These tvs have deep menus and ambiguously named settings, it's easy to miss something that could negatively affect the picture quality.
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    New Samsung 4k for everyone.

    ju6500 owner here, I'm not sure what you guys are doing wrong, but game mode doesn't look anywhere near horrible or unusable. In fact in games its indistinguishable from pc mode and on the desktop only certain things show a perceivable difference. Hardforum for example practically identical. I...
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    New Samsung 4k for everyone.

    The review of 55" model says its has excellent input lag and motion blur, but that size uses an ips panel so the 40" may be completely different. I am also curious about this model, I already have the ju6500, but I would trade 444 support for better motion blur/pixel response. If the...
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    Samsung 40" JU6500 too blurry...

    I also have the 40ju6500, and while I think its fine, I can definitely see the blur issues he is having. I think I have just had enough time to get used to it so it doesn't bother me in most of the games I play. There are definitely compromises with these tvs but I think, at least for now, they...
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    New Samsung 4k for everyone.

    i restarted my computer today for the first time in a week or so and noticed that it displayed the post screen. anyone else notice this or can confirm that the latest firmware fixed it? ju6500 on ver 1422.