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    What Sucks About HardOCP Video Card Reviews

    Gotta agree with this. Hard to see value in upgrading my 970 if I can't see the difference between them.
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    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    just found this thread, figure i'd join in. Was able to clear GR66 with my 2nd HC wizard this season a few days ago, sadly she was lost pushing 67. AO DMO build. Might go back to reg seasonal so I can push harder without fear of death next season. Love the rush though :)
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    2016 CPU Progression Thread

    Damn you guys have good memories.. These are the ones I can remember, there are undoubtedly many missing: TRS-80 Model 4P (The "portable" one) Intel 286-12mhz (EGA) IBM PS/1 286-10mhz (VGA, 2400baud, BBS's, CompuServ & AOL!) Intel 486 SX-25 Intel Pentium 90 Intel Pentium MMX 233 Intel Pentium...
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    Coil Whine on a 970 is it a problem?

    I had coil whine after upgrading psu and vid card at the same time (MSI GTX 970 Gaming 4g & Corsair 750ax). Returned the PSU for another of the same model and the problem still existed. Returned it again and picked up an Antec instead and the problem disappeared.
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    GTX 980 or GTX 970 ?

    I run a 970 at 1440p and I can't complain. GTA5 runs great; tweaked a few settings and I stay pretty close to 60fps at all times and the game still looks pretty amazing. The extra $200 might not be worth it for the 980 if you don't game that much. Seems most people are going either 970 or 980ti...
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    LG 27MB85R-B new WQHD AH-IPS ?

    Awesome thanks for the info, going to pull the trigger on the LG
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    LG 27MB85R-B new WQHD AH-IPS ?

    Hi Nikyo, thank you for all the info you've provided so far! I'm trying to decide between this and the AOC Q2770PQU to replace my matte finish TN and have a couple questions: How is the anti glare coating; is there a sparkle/dirty look against white backgrounds as with the matte TN's? It's...
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    1366 x58 Xeon Enthusiast overclocks club

    Hey all, long time [H] reader/lurker (15 years or so on and off). Just wanted to thanks for helping me extend the life of my 1366 rig! I was considering tossing it after putting together a $700 i5 system for my mother in law and being surprised and slightly jealous at how fast it was vs my 920 @...
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    interested in the lga 775 quad core combo; how come you're getting rid of it after only 6mos if...

    interested in the lga 775 quad core combo; how come you're getting rid of it after only 6mos if you don't mind me asking?