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    Would it be possible to accidently undo the stock-overclock on a EVGA FTW card?

    Try eVGA OC Scanner X to find automatically artifacts ;) There is a CUDA and OpenCL memory stress tester (like memtest86/memtest86+): LINK. But - and that's a big one - the best OC testing program IMO is BF3 on 48-63 servers. Trust me, many have failed with "stable" OC's with that...
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    Would it be possible to accidently undo the stock-overclock on a EVGA FTW card?

    Raising the power target is like a two sided blade you know, the core voltage will go up too and then the GPU will reach temperatures above 70*C and the card stars to throttle... The best GTX 670 OC guide is THIS, please read it carefully, it explains a lot of things.
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    Adjusting Fan Speed - GTX560Ti Top

    It's very easy raising the fan speed with MSI After Burner. You can make a fan profile with that, the fan will ramp up accordingly. :D
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    How to Lower Ram speed on UP3D to OC Q9550?

    The lowest memory multiplier is 2.00 with P45 motherboards :( The available options are [2.00] , [2.40] , [2.50] , [3.00] , [3.20], [2.66] , [3.33] , [4.0+] Memory Frequency = Host Clock (FSB) * Multiplier Your RAM can achieve 850 MHz only, as jime said, for 3.8-4 GHz you have to buy...
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    Is Team Scorpion G-Reaver a good mouse?

    The G-Reaver uses the Avago 3050 sensor, Omron switches and lower quality UPE feet. The sensor is the same as in the CM Storm Xornet (I use that :eek: ), it's a mediocre sensor. After many firmware updates I settled down at a 1.8 m/s perfect control speed at the expense of a higher lift off...
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    How to Lower Ram speed on UP3D to OC Q9550?

    Meh, that's not right, you're doing it wrong. From the mobo's manual: The multi is under the ********DRAM Performance Control ******** (G)MCH Frequency Latch [Auto] <- Probably you must adjust this too, but only after System Memory Multiplier (SPD) [Auto] <- THIS That mobo has...
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    GPU Default Fan Speed Issue

    You can adjust fan speed with AfterBurner or eVGA Precision, it's pretty easy IMO.
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    System will not boot with Patriot memory

    Did you tried the MemOK! - you know, that nasty little button near the RAM slots, above the 24-pin ATX connector ??? Asus claims that this "memory rescue tool requires a mere push of a button to patch memory issues" :rolleyes:
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    Crucial m4 Bricked... warning

    You have a good chance to bring back to life that M4, because there is a known issue with the 010G firmware. You could try the following: It worked for some people... :rolleyes:
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    SSD for video captures?

    To my knowledge it isn't recommended to use an SSD as a video recording media, because after repeated and longer recordings their write speed starts to plummet. After the second or third run the sustained/sequential write speed could be lower than a HDD's... and not to mention that this type of...
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    How will this do for 2500k and how to properly attach the fan to heatsink

    I have the same motherboard, you have 2 CPU fan connectors, one is with 4 pin (PWM), the other is a 3 pin header. I'm using both of them, the second (3 pin) is linked with the 4 pin PWM header and it's CPU temperature dependent. Just set in the BIOS the CPU fan target level to a lower...
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    NVIDIA 310.33 Beta Drivers are Out

    Till I got the same error as Shikami... I'm getting this also: The game froze and I get this error too. :mad: Fuuuu, for me BF3 crashed once in the early days, after that for months it was running smoothly... sort of :(
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    NVIDIA 310.33 Beta Drivers are Out

    Tested this driver with BF3 (48-64 ppl servers), everything seems OK.
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    4-way SLI 680 and BF3 MP = ~70% GPU Usage

    No problem :D I saw other SLI users too complaining about poor or less GPU utilization in BF3 with the 310.33 driver.