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    P67/Z68 ITX: what the manufacturers say

    Just my opinion, but I don't think you will see much, if any, of a difference between dual channel and quad channel with Ivy Bridge on Z68. Sandy Bridge (and I'm assuming Ivy Bridge) is not bandwidth starved for memory. This Xbits labs article shows that moving to faster and faster memory...
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    Sandy Bridge Graphics or 8600GT

    Not exactly hybrid SLI, but Sandy Bridge and the Z68 chipset do suppport Lucidlogix's Virtu technology.
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    SSF case with front USB 3.0

    Thanks guys. I was looking for something on the smaller size like the Apex MI-100 Guess, I'll have to keeping waiting for now.
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    SSF case with front USB 3.0

    Does anyone know of a SSF case with front USB 3.0 ports? If not, anyone have any idea when one might be coming out?
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    critique my build?

    Lot's of questions that have already been asked... Why 2 x ssd? Why 2 x GPU for only 1900x1080? Why 16GB? Doesn't seem necessary for usage describe... Also, personally don't like 1900x1080. Here is a HP LCD that is 1900x1200 for almost the same price...
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    Installed the Corsair H60 on a 2600K. 40 degrees C. good?

    From reading posts regarding a number of temp monitoring programs, this is what I was lead to believe as well. Intel temp sensors appears to have the most error at lower temps, they are calibrated more accurately at or new throttling temps. As Tsumi said, unless you have really crazy temps at...
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    new pc build itx?

    More info in the Small Form Factor section here:
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    Stupid Reader Trick of the Day

    What's the point of putting it on Youtube if you are going to make it private?
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    CoreStore MV mini-PCIe SSD

    Do you plan to do this with WHS v1 or the newer version? The reason I ask is it tried to install WHS v1 (with PP3) on an Intel X25-M 40GB SSD and it wouldn't work. During the loading screen from the install DVD it said it required at least a 65GB drive. I have no idea why it would require...
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    KÜHLER as it Gets! - Antec Big [H] Giveaway!

    What I really like about the Kuhler is the low amount of weight on the MB. Just don't like the idea of hanging ~2lbs of metal off of four little screws....
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    ASRock Core 100HT Home Theater PC

    I'll wait for the Sandy Bridge version to come out... eventually.
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    RIM Unveils iPad Competitor

    After 7 previous generations of buggy, under supported and flaky hardware/software you show how think Archos is going to get is "shit together"? You sir are an optimist, and this coming from a Archos owner (an Archos PocketDish DAP from many a year ago).
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    Samsung Galaxy Tab on Video

    There is a potentially interesting update to the Android table issue. It appears Google is considering blocking tablets from the app store. Source
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    Samsung Galaxy Tab on Video

    The prices maybe rumor, but I found it interesting that one UK e-tailer already had it listed for pre-order. As such, I wouldn't be surprised to see the Tab listed in the US for about the same in dollars (~$650), which is close to what the 16GB 3G iPad lists for ($630)...
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    Samsung Galaxy Tab on Video

    I believe it when I see it. The Nexus One was Google's own phone and the only one to do this. No other company has done this, at least none that I'm aware of. You are pointing out the exception, not the rule. (Otherwise, why would you see articles like the one at Wired.) It maybe possible...