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    Tech FAIL of the Day

    Digger Digger, the kid likes construction equipment like a bulldozer or backhoe. He is describing the action cause it's easier to say but gets his point across. Have kids, you'll understand. T's are also hard to say. They come out as F's sometimes. So be prepared when he see's a 'Big Truck'
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    Amazon Gets Real About Fakes

    Once they opened their doors to 'smaller' sellers, Amazon went down this slippery slope. Now instead of just going on and getting good results you have to shift through a bunch of junk. Call it the 1990's middle management with a 'business degree' syndrome. The decisions make the spreadsheet...
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    New MacBook Pros Max Out At 16GB RAM Due to Battery Life Concerns

    These 'discussions' are pointless. If your not going to purchase an Apple computer why does it even matter what is inside it. Your just grinding an axe. When did H become so soft that people don't even understand the chipset limitations and assume all ram is the same regardless of controller...
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    New MacBook Pros Max Out At 16GB RAM Due to Battery Life Concerns

    Actually, you are telling people. Your saying that all machines should meet your specifications to your work needs or its junk. As I said, this isn't the machine for you if that is the case. Don't buy it. So out of curiosity, how long does your laptop battery last while doing these 15 projects...
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    New MacBook Pros Max Out At 16GB RAM Due to Battery Life Concerns

    So what gives? A number of websites that specialize in hardware say 8 is decent and 16 if you have the money. More then 16 is overkill... If you need more than that, maybe this computer isn't for you. I'm calling bash just because its Apple.
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    IBM Replacing PCs With Macs Within The Company

    All fun to speculate I suppose but we don't know the challenges they face or solutions they put in place. I just like how people argue that they must be lying because... Macs.
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    IBM Replacing PCs With Macs Within The Company

    Edited to a more socially acceptable response by self... I just needed to vent. Okay, make a list about everything you 'dislike' about macs. Make a second list of things you DO like about PCs and combine that with what you dislike about Macs. Now, try to imagine your non-savy relative trying...
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    US Government Releases Proposed Guidelines For Smart Guns

    The flag isn't backwards. Read up. Why is the U.S. flag worn backwards on uniforms?
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    Apple Is Discontinuing Its Only Monitor

    Upcoming replacement most likely. Rumor mill is fired up that it will be a 5k monitor with a possible built in graphics card to drive it. Power saving intergrated chip when on road and high power beast when near your desk and an outlet.
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    Windows 10 Redstone Details

    This is a nice feature and have been enjoying it on my Apple products. Glad to see others adopting it.
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    My first time - WC

    Sure, is there anything specific you want to see? The first picture is a fully wired, and running computer. Most of the connections for the board are on the edge so most wires fold over then go through the rubber grommets. I am using the CPU fan header to monitor and control pump speed...
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    My first time - WC

    Let's see... I wanted to build something that was clean and minimal with the understanding it may not be a super cool running rig. Starting with a Corsair Carbide 540 I made two modifications. The first was to notch out the top to provide access to the top filling port of a Swiftech MCR220...
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    My first time - WC

    Title says it all. Thought I would post some pictures of my build as I know I enjoyed seeing other members rigs. Enjoy! Details for those that want them.
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    Heatmaps Reveal Exactly Where People Look?

    Gaze patterns and eye tracking is certainly fun. Not only the difference between men and women but cultural too. These things do exist and corporations spend a lot of time and money understanding what it is people look at. It’s one of the fun things about my job. If this is something you are...
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    Intel Core i7-3960X - Sandy Bridge E Processor Review @ [H]

    Targeted for the gamer? HUH?!?! Am I missing something here? Games haven't exactly been written to use a good portion of what is available hardware wise in a long time. Most PC games are written for 32 bit, dual core, 4 gig max memory (see 32bit), with a video card from 2 years ago as...