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    Samsung UN65KU6300 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV $999 @Amazon

    FYI: Best Buy will price match Samsung's online EPP pricing if you show them the website on your mobile phone. Do a google search on how to start a free EPP account. Was able to get the 60" KS8000 for $879 last week (the 65" could have been had for $1175).
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    International Travel, Advice?

    Google's Project Fi is also an option it uses both Sprint and T-Mobile's networks and has robust international support: How Google's Project Fi Fixes The International Data Nightmare - ARC
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    Ford Dealership Steals Game Art To Advertise Sale

    Most of these dealerships are family run businesses. Not an excuse but the 'graphic designer' could have been a young relative of the owners doing this work as a summer job, hence the use of game art
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    Silicon Valley's Bloody Plant Burger Smells, Tastes And Sizzles Like Meat

    Nigella also loves cocaine: Nigella Lawson admits taking cocaine - BBC News Nigella Lawson stopped from boarding flight to US after cocaine confession
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    New Samsung 4k for everyone.

    Mini DisplayPort (Thunderbolt 2) to HDMI 2.0 adapter? You didn't mention the model year of your Mac Mini so I can't tell if the integrated graphics support 4k@60hz. Mini DisplayPort 1.2 or Apple Thunderbolt to HDMI 2.0a 4k@60hz Active Adapter Store (U.S.)
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    Intel Skull Canyon NUC @ Frys -Available for In-Store Pickup Only

    There is at least one 3rd party fanless case option for Skull Canyon: FanlessTech: FIRST LOOK: Akasa's Skull Canyon case
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    Ebay Deal of the Day - Samsung KS8500 4K 65" SUHD Curved TV - $1697

    Excellent deal through BuyDig via Ebay on the 65" Samsung KS8500 for $1697 with $300 in saving plus no tax to most states except NJ. Does 4:4:4 in 4K @60Hz over HDMI 2.0 Samsung UN65KS8500 Curved 65-Inch Smart 4K SUHD HDR 1000 LED TV AVS Forum Owners thread here: Official Samsung...
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    2015 Samsung 4k TV as a Monitor Set Up Guide

    Highest non-curved 49" model is the KS8000 Highest non-curved 55" model is the KS9000 Flagship is the KS9800 which starts at 65" and is curved
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    Warm? Refurb Surface Pro 2, i5 128GB 4GB Ram, 299.99 @ Ebay

    Cold deal. This is the older version with the 1.6 GHz i5 4200u and inferior screen from the SP1. The refreshed SP2 has a 1.9 Ghz i5 with a much more accurate IPS screen. /edit: Would also suggest going for the Power Cover Keyboard instead of the standard. It will nearly double the battery life...
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    Company Tears Down Wrong Home, Blames Google Maps

    Why are you trying to debate every user in this thread? It's fine to correct people on the facts but you're overly invested in this discussion for some reason... it's almost as if you own a demolition company that knocked down someone's condo in Dallas, TX :panda:
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    Company Tears Down Wrong Home, Blames Google Maps

    I'm surprised that the company doesn't use GPS data to mark the location during the initial survey. That puts the blame on the company's operating procedure rather than the employee.
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    Crystal Skull Writer To Pen Indiana Jones 5

    South Park thought the same:
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    Punisher Spinoff In Development At Netflix

    Would have liked to see Thomas Jane reprise the role. He even took part in a fan made Punisher short called Dirty Laundry.
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    Captain America: Civil War Trailer

    They just started shooting with Benedict Cumberbatch as Dr. Strange.
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    Captain America: Civil War Trailer

    Phrasing :eek: