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    "Forgettable, Repetitive": Early Reviews Aren't Kind on Anthem

    I subbed for a month to Premier to try it, after a few hours I think it's OK: runs well, looks great, some bugs (nothing gamebreaking so far), story so far is rather 'meh' and gameplay is pretty fun but I'm afraid it will become boring and repetitive too quickly. For me it's definitely enjoyable...
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    F-35s Can’t Fly 22% of the Time, Repair Facilities Six Years behind Schedule

    It beat an F35 in a dogfight too. Love that old Falcon.
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    Ethereum Miners Are Renting Boeing 747s to Ship Graphics Cards

    That's 1.5Mw, which is about 1% of what the biggest datacenter in the world uses, so it should be pretty feasible and Iceland has pretty low power costs too thanks to their use of geothermal power. Still annoyed at the price rise of GPU's tho, my old 970 is getting a bit old and I feel the need...
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    Prey (2017)

    There is no shame in running and hiding.
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    Gamers Red Hot with Fury over Intel Core i7-7700 Temperature Spikes

    I agree, running any stress test I would expect the temp to rise until it hits a maximum but I'm seeing it fluctuate by as much as 15 degrees every few seconds. The major annoyance here is of course the constant changes in fan speeds this causes and I haven't quite found a way to change my fan...
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    Mass Effect: Andromeda

    Nothing a VPN connection can't fix. Make sure Origin is closed, make a connection to a country where it's released, start Origin and you're good to go. I was able to play a bit yesterday thanks to this.
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    No sound in Mafia 3. I freakin give up

    I had a similar issue with SWTOR and that was due to the 'GX' option (a kind of soundblaster EAX emulation) being enabled in the control panel of my Xonar soundcard. Does yours have an EAX compatible/emulation mode? Might want to turn it off and check.
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    You wake up and find yourself in the last game you played; how well do you fare?

    Lord of the Rings Online. Shire pub crawl time!
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    AMD Ryzen Launch Date Window Exposed?

    I hope they do well with this one, I really do, they deserve another success. I still fondly remember the old Duron, Athlon and x64 CPU's I had. I'd honestly have liked to stick it out a bit longer but the old X58 motherboard was having increasingly severe issues so I just jumped on Kaby to...
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    10 Things To Do When Your PC Can’t Run A New Game

    You mean you aren't using the special, super secret new* alpha drivers yet? For Shame :D *: released 2.5 seconds ago
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    Try Star Citizen’s Alpha For Free Until The End of the Month

    The Arena Commander module has flight and dogfighting tutorials iirc. Check those out before heading into the persistent modules.
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    What's the first video game you ever played?

    I honestly can't remember but the first video game that made a lasting impression (well, enough to at least remember it so) was Shinobi on the arcade machines.
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    What's the oldest videogame you still play?

    Probably Tie Fighter is the oldest that I'll fire up regularly (albeit once a year or so). OIder games are also played when the wife feels that it's time to hook up her NES to the TV again for a few hours of retro fun. Ofcourse you buggers had to remind me of Mega Race and that flying carpet...
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    How To Get Your Photos Out Of Flickr

    Photo sharing sites are for for sharing. Always keep local copies and backups of everything.