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    Sony XBR-65X810C 65" 4K Ultra HD 120Hz Android Smart LED TV $1200 Shipped USA Warranty

    I have this TV except the 55" version. I absolutely love it. Granted I got mine for $750 :)
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    Tablet or hybrid just to run windows Media Center

    Okay so I finally setup an HDHomeRun Prime and it is working flawlessly. The problem is that my cable company (Cox) basically has every channel as "copy once" which means that I have to use Windows Media Center to view all my channels. This is fine for my main PC and my HTPC. The issue is my...
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    Acer Predator XR341CK 34" 144Hz Curved Gaming Screen with G-sync

    I am glad I looked into this thread. I am honestly not a big fan of Acer when it comes to monitors. The specs are very impressive so I hope it turns out really good. I am going to hold off on any monitor purchases until Q3 or Q4 of 2015, but this will be getting a strong look.
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    Korean 1440p IPS monitors - $200 or less [REFURBS]

    Monitor tech is really in flux right now overall. So many new pieces to the tech. Honestly if you need a new monitor now these are decent for what they are. I was seriously considering the nice BenQ 4K monitor, but after a lot of thought I think I am going to add 1-2 of these to my current NEC 3090.
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    Quality modmic 4.0 add-on microphone for (possibly) 34.99 + 5 s/h

    I agree that I just got a bad mic and yes they took care of it. The response time was a little on the long side IMO, but it did get fixed. Honestly I found a Blue Yeti Pro for an amazing price while I was waiting to hear back from Antlion. I much prefer the Blue Yeti to everything I have...
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    Quality modmic 4.0 add-on microphone for (possibly) 34.99 + 5 s/h

    I honestly prefer even the Zalman mic over the Mod-mic. I bought one and it stopped working within 2 days of using it. The customer support was decent though. They sent me a return label and did an "autopsy" on it. They responded and said there was a "short" in one of the wires. Pretty sad since...
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    LG 34UM94-P, $749 @ NE

    Yeah, this was very close to an impulse buy. Then I started thinking and realized that I will ultimately want two 32" 4k displays in the end. Probably going to consider the Samsung U32D970Q and then one of the G-sync 4K IPS (or maybe even TN) displays for gaming. The only issue there is the...
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    Blue Microphones Yeti USB Microphone - Blackout Edition $79.99 @Amazon GoldBox deal.

    Yeah, everyone the Blue Yeti mics are very very good. I have been waiting on a sale for the blackout edition and got in on this. It is going to be fun. Not that I will really use it to its full capacity, but oh well.
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    AKG Q701's back on Massdrop $150

    As a proud owner of the DT990's I have yet to find another pair of cans that I like better for general gaming and most music. I do use my AKG sextett's from time to time just to break things up, but I always end up going back to the DT990s :D
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    AKG Q701's back on Massdrop $150

    Only Lime color in stock. Just FYI
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    Best Buy Deal of the Day: BluRays

    lol, people calling The Princess Bride a chix flic. Classic children. Amazing movie!!!
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    SAMSUNG 4TB USB 3 External $119 @Newegg

    I have two of these. They are pretty decent for strictly backup drives. I bit on one more as I have already filled up my other two :D
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    Core i5 4670k - $200 (Shipped - NO MiR!!!)

    It is a coupon code, not a MIR. Geez, how entitled are you??? Also, since when are used prices the same as new prices?????? Some people's children :)
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    Core i5 4670k - $200 (Shipped - NO MiR!!!)

    Decent deal. Still waiting on something to make my upgrade from my 980x though :)
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    Samsung D3 Station 4TB USB 3.0 3.5" Desktop External Hard Drive - $119.00

    Warranties for hard drives are important, but the quality of the drive is more important. Also, getting a drive that fits your needs is probably the most important thing you can do. Warranties are NOT worth the money you pay for them if you know what you are doing. If you want to paint the doom...