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    Dell Refurbished E5430's $339.99 AR

    I don't need this, but I am very tempted.
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    The Last of Us. Did you get it? How do you like it?

    Leaving the game on pause doesn't add to your time. I spent a significantly greater amount of time on the game, but I went full stealth all time time minus a couple parts.
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    Upcoming Games That You're Looking Forward To

    Nothing for the rest of the year for me.. 8 months will have to cut it as upcoming Lightning Returns XV
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    Would you consider getting a 4.7" iPhone, or even switching?

    I think OP posted based off the current rumor mill news articles.. Don't know if you missed all of those.
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    Would you consider getting a 4.7" iPhone, or even switching?

    I'll need an iOS device in a little less than 2 years.. I would consider switching back at 4.7in.. but probably wouldn't unless it was 5 Probably get a mini at that time.
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    Funny E3 2013 picture/gif thread starring Kaz Hirai [56K/Celeron Warning]

    Wasn't going to post but thread has been great for entertainment in the long days Yea.. kinda nsfw
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    new laptop ( open budget )

    That could almost be worth lugging around 16lbs.. Probably not..
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    Do you think the XBox One is done before it gets started?

    This is how I feel it will pan out. I for one am sad as playing Halo with my friends spread out all over the country was one of the things that still brought me joy in gaming (MP).. probably in general too.
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    Samsung s4 slow charge. 3 hours and only 30%

    Yea, the OEM USB Cable & Charger were giving a Charging (USB). The charger from my previous phone (LG Optimus S) gives a Charging (AC), but I solved that issue with some minor detective work. In other news, make sure your cable is in all the way to the charger base lol. PS: The LG Charger...
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    Samsung s4 slow charge. 3 hours and only 30%

    Thanks for that knowledge bomb. (NotOP), Totally get Charging (USB) with the included charger and Charging (AC) with my LG charger. Why did they include a lesser charger with the phone then? Save cost?
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    Google Edition phone; Samsung S4 vs HTC One

    :confused::confused: I am pretty sure Zorachus was referring to numbers man, like this
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    32gb Galaxy S4 release date May 10

    The rumor for the last few weeks was always that only AT&T would be getting the 32GB.
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    LivingSocial Hacked: 50 Million Users Exposed

    Yea.. didn't even realize I had a livingsocial account... :eek: