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    Post Your Workstations 2014

    Yep! Still got the SNES. Case is a Lian-Li v1000B, been discontinued for quite a long time.
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    Post Your Workstations 2014

    I love my v1000, only issue I have with it is the front USB ports are 1.1! Cable management isn't stellar, but it's still do able. I've gotta take a dremel for a CPU backplate cutout on the mobo tray so I may cut a couple slots here and there for better wiring while Im at it. I foresee...
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    Post Your Workstations 2014

    Still rocking that ol' beaut of a case.
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    How many cases have you gone through the past year?

    Lian Li V1000 for the past 4 years. I bought another one last year.
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    The New Super High Resolution PC Screenshot Thread

    Goddamnit. I'm installing Oblivion. I'm probably going to end up playing all night and be exhausted at work. Worth it.
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    New PS3 owner.

    Little Big Planet is a great game to play with your girlfriend/wife/whoever.
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    Dontcha hate it when...

    I haaaate when I have to dig through my random cable box. Even if i try to tidy them, they all get tangled again.
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    Are These Game Temps Good?

    My OC'd 1090t gets around 70c with Prime95 running, the PWM fan kicks in a higher speed at that point and the temp doesnt go higher. Nothing was unstable at those temps.
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    hyper 212+ or corsair h50 in a antec 1200 case?

    I use a 212+ on a 1090T @ 4GHz 1.4v With the single stock fan set to silent in the BIOS I was reaching close to 70c. Adding a second 120mm fan I had sitting around dropped the temps by over 11*c with Prime95 bringing temps up to 59* max. My rear fan is also a pretty crappy fan that exhausts...
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    Age of Empires III Complete Collection $0.10

    Awesome. I picked it up for 10MS Points.
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    Join The Brotherhood. New Assassin's Creed Released! Thread

    The multiplayer is insanely addicting.
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    PC games for kids around 6 years old?

    Tales of Monkey Island? I was playing the originals when I was around that age.
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    3 Invites to, gaming torrent community

    I will trade for a IPTorrents invite
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    New Kinectified XMB Today - Your Thoughts?

    I got it working, second time trying to update went smoothly
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    New Kinectified XMB Today - Your Thoughts?

    How long does this take to update? I started the update, left to get a snack and came back to a "No video connection" screen on my TV and the xbox has no green lights on the ring. Did something get borked?